BlueCamroo:- Online CRM and Project Management Software

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SMEs in today’s market need technology as much as large enterprises do, and maybe even more. Luckily, many small and mid-sized businesses are now more open to investing in advanced technology and revamping their business systems. 

A research study shows that almost 85% of small businesses have already invested in SaaS in 2021. Moreover, small enterprises that use technology are said to be generating double the revenue per employee and grow almost four times annually (in terms of revenue). 

The statistics prove that SMEs can compete with large enterprises and capture the markets if they invest in the right technology. Automation is one of the key players in the current scenario. Customer satisfaction is another that decides the ultimate fate of the business. 

BlueCamroo brings these two elements together to help businesses automate their processes, improve productivity, increase customer satisfaction, and double the returns. 

About BluCamroo

BlueCamroo is a Canadian-based company founded in 2010. It provides business automation and management software for small and medium-sized organizations. The company believes that SMEs can streamline their processes if they use advanced ERP systems. Hence, they’ve designed the SaaS-based platform that assists businesses in managing their daily operations. 

The main advantage of using BlueCamroo is that it is flexible enough for businesses to choose features best suited for their needs and pay only for those. Enterprises that want a comprehensive platform to manage the business can rely entirely on BlueCamroo and integrate it fully into their existing systems. 

Features of BlueCamroo 

What are the features of BlueCamroo that make it must-have automated software for business management? 

1.) Project and Task Management

Manage the projects and the individual tasks on one platform. Reuse the templates to create as many projects as you want. Share progress with clients and exchange information between teams and stakeholders. 

2.) Free CRM Software

From identifying leads to strategizing, campaigning, and successfully closing the leads in a quick time, the CRM software BlueCamroo has been designed to help small businesses attract more customers. 

3.) Manage Sales Pipeline

Keep track of every potential customer and manage individual contacts using the platform. Stay updated about every client, vendor, and customer associated with the business. 

4.) Integrate Social Network 

Integrate BlueCamroo with Slack, GSuite, GoToMeeting, HubSpot, and other platforms that simplify collaborations and data sharing between different people. 

5.) Automate Business Processes

Don’t spend valuable resources on repeating the same tasks again and again. BlueCamroo helps automate the processes so that employees can finish the projects within the schedule and be more productive at work. 

6.) Time Tracking and Expense Management 

Always stay updated about how many hours your teams have spent on a project. Know how much you’ve invested to complete the task and add the elements to the bill. There’s no need to use any other software. 

7.) Manage Billing and Invoices 

Why spend more money to generate bills and invoices for clients to pay? Let BlueCamroo take care of accounting and invoices. Send an email with the details and a payment link. 

8.) Web Development 

Do you want to build a website or web apps for the business? BlueCamroo offers web development services through the platform. Manage your business from all sides. 

Advantages of Using BlueCamroo Platform 

With so many features offered by BlueCamroo, it’s not surprising that SMEs can-

  • Streamline all their projects and complete them on time 
  • Keep the communication channels open and interact easily with customers, clients, and stakeholders
  • Increase sales by effectively enhancing the sales and marketing processes
  • Build a flexible and scalable business model that grows as the business expands into newer markets 
  • Build stronger collaboration teams within and outside the enterprise 
  • Get higher returns on their investment, that too while optimizing the use of resources
  • Integrate the business systems and use cloud-based services for business management 
  • Manage the client lifecycle with ease and ensure 100% satisfaction 
  • Pay just for the features and services you use for your business 

BlueCamroo Pricing

BlueCamroo has 4 types of pricing plans which is suitable for a different type of business processes.

1.) CRM FREE (Ideal for small business owners)

  • Upto 4 users
  • Manage your tasks, leads, contacts, customers and suppliers


✅   Leads and Lead Nurturing 

✅   Full Contact History

✅   Task Management

✅   Email Marketing

✅   Interaction Tracking

✅   Collaboration

2.) Sales & Marketing (ideal for Sales and Marketing Teams) – $17/month/user – Paid anually

  • Sales and Marketing tool to increase the productivity

Includes everything in CRM Free plus

✅ Opportunities

✅ Estimates

✅ Sales Quotes

✅ Social CRM

✅ Sales Dashboard

✅ Invoicing & Billing

✅ Time Tracking

✅ Website & Landing Page Builder

3.) Projects (Ideal for Project Management Team) – $21/month/user – Paid anually

  • Manage everything in your project from Start to Finish

Includes everything in CRM Free plus

✅ Project & Stage Templates

✅ Time / Budget / Resource Management

✅   Billing

✅ Visual Workbench for Projects

✅ Workspace Collaboration Bridge

4.) Support (Ideal for Customer Support Teams) – $8/month/user – Paid anually

  • Excellent Customer Service

✅ Email Ticketing System

✅ Client Portal

✅ Workflow Automation

✅ Knowledge Database

5.) Complete (Ideal for Senior Management or Employees with Multiple Roles) – $41/month/user – Paid anually

  • Oversee and run your entire business from one place

✅ Combine CRM Free

✅ Sales & Marketing

✅ Projects and Support

Final Conclusion 

BlueCamroo can be used for any number of projects and can be scaled as the business grows. Team collaborations are easy when using the BlueCamroo platform and allow for seamless communication using Update Stream. 

Service provider agencies can invite their clients to view the progress of the project and clear the pending invoices through the automated link mailed to their email addresses. Track all business operations from one platform. You can give a try to the 14-day free trial version to understand how BlueCamroo can give your business a makeover and take it to new heights.