BigBangram Review – Is it good to use ?

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Instagram – within no time, this social media platform has made its importance felt not only in personal life but also in the professional world. Many businesses are now using and relying on this social platform to develop better connections for enhancing their business growth. Instagram offers huge potential to build a brand and also to gain credibility in today’s business world.

Now, since it is clear that Instagram has an essential role in helping the businesses to grow. It is also important to understand the various ways in which the platform can be totally used. Bigbangram is one of the best ways for maximizing the utilization of Instagram for business growth.

Here is a detailed review of this amazing tool. You can decide if using this tool is the desired path that you would want to take.

BigBangram review

What is Bigbangram?

Bigbangram is an all-in-one automation service available for Instagram which offers benefits like auto-follow, auto-like, etc. Since, it automates the various processes for Instagram; you can sit back and relax while this tool will take care of all the other desired functions.

One of the major advantages of this tool is that it works via the cloud, so you don’t have to worry about its installation or storage. It is also said that this program will continue to deliver its benefits to its users even when the browser is closed or when the device is not in use. You also get full access to the Bigbangram dashboard as and when you need.

Features offered by Bigbangram

Here are some of the features which are offered by Bigbangram for the Instagram users:

  1. Post Scheduling:

One of the major needs to make the most benefit from the Instagram profile is to have an active profile. But wouldn’t it be difficult to keep your account active at odd hours? Well, certainly not, when you have Bigbangram by your side.

Using this tool, you can plan and schedule all the required posts simply at the time you need. Use the post scheduling feature and set the required time for scheduling the posts. It would keep your account running at all the times and thus would create a lasting impression.

  1. Works with multiple accounts:

The other benefit that can be availed with Bigbangram is the fact that it can be used with multiple accounts. Yes, the use and the various benefits offered by this tool is not limited to just one profile or account but you can expand them to as many accounts that you like.

  1. Auto-Likes:

In order to attract the needed attention towards your Instagram profile, you need to get maximum likes on your posts, isn’t it? Bigbangram will help you get through this need in the easiest and convenient manner.

It offers you features like auto-likes and thus drags the needed amount of likes to each of your Instagram posts to keep your account in the limelight.

Auto-Follow and Direct messages:

Just like the benefits of auto-likes, Bigbangram also offers its users with benefits like auto-follow and auto-direct messages. By relying on both the features, the Instagram profile can maintain the required effective communication with its existing and potential users. And there are no second thoughts in the matter that while maintaining effective communication, you can get the required benefits from Instagram for your business growth.

Social Media Management:

The use of Bigbangram is not just limited to liking or following the various influencers. It can also be used for managing the different social media platforms as well.

Multitasking with various Instagram activities:

With this tool, it really becomes easy to manage various Instagram activities simultaneously. The users can schedule either of the activities while they can also strategies and plan the other activities in the required manner.

Is it safe to use Bigbangram?

While using such automation tools, its security is always a concern for the users. They are always seen confused within the dilemma of whether to use or not to use such automation bots for their accounts.

It has a secure https address supported with an FAQ page, help page, pricing as well as email contact information. Though, the things that will make you give a second thought for using this tool is that it doesn’t have a verified payment gateway and also doesn’t offer 24*7 customer support.

Overall, it can be seen that Bigbangram is not as safe as the other names like SocialSteeze or LikeSocial, etc.

Final Verdict:

Overall, there are no strong supportive factors which specify that Bigbangram is totally safe to be used. It also has disingenuous testimonials on its site as well which cannot be trusted. Therefore, it is not recommended to use Bigbangram with complete trust. As far as possible, you should avoid the use of this Instagram bot as it also holds great chances for account hack and ban.