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Phone cases – The cover on your phone which protects your phone from scratches and any damages. Today, phone cases can be customized according to preference and it’s obvious your phone case will reflect your style. Your phone case will provide you drop protection because gravity becomes the enemy of your phone every time its jumps put, protect your phone from scratches just increasing on the resale value. Leather phone cases give a classy look to your phone and make it stand out in a crowd.

Xiaomi is a mobile almost in the hands of every person. It has a become a popular phone because of its features and great camera quality. Xiaomi has real smartphones, which is great in demand and is reliable in reality. These mobile have excellent feature and specification at a very reasonable rate. Xiaomi phone has a sleek design and would look cool with a case. Mobile cases come in all types like printed case, armor case, flip case, soft case etc. at an affordable price.

A tempered glass and a phone case would always act as a security for your new Xiaomi Mobile Device. Below we have listened to the best Xiaomi phone cases which you get under $10.

Best Xiaomi Phone Cases

Best Xiaomi Phone Cases

  1. Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus Concise Phone Protective Case

Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus Concise Phone Protective Case

This mobile case is fashionable and has a simple back protector. The quality is PC material is waterproof, anti-drop and is dirt-resistant. The soft lining of the mobile case protects the mobile phone from any scratch giving you a fantastic feeling in your hand. The trepanning is precise and gives the correct edge to all the buttons perfectly. This mobile has an awesome gear and the customer care service is ready to solve any issue if you face any. Since it is anti-drop, the edges are protected in such a manner it is pleasant to the eye. It is a complete original plastic bumper. People who have used this product before say it is “perfectly excellent”.


 2. Original Xiaomi Redmi 5 PC Phone Protective Case

Original Xiaomi Redmi 5 PC Phone Protective Case


The more the black, powerful the look. It is the color which is modest and arrogant but lazy, mysterious and easy. The Original Xiaomi Redmi 5 PC Phone Protective Case is pitched with the perfect black color. Also, the GearBest store offers you everything at its best price and all after-sales will support it. The product offers you fast shipping and is also supportive. The mobile case will protect your buttons and all the smooth edges. The mobile case wraps the perfectly giving it a classy look.  The 0.8 MM thickness gives an amazing feeling in the hand and has the most beautiful cut trepanning so you can use extra buttons carefully. Product weight is 0.0140 kg. The mobile case is dirt-resistant, waterproof case and has a PC Material.


3.  Original Xiaomi Mi 6 X Shock-proof Phone Case

Original Xiaomi Mi 6 X Shock-proof Phone Case

This Original Xiaomi Mi 6 X Shock-proof phone case will be the best compatible case cover with your all-new Xiaomi mobile. The ultrathin thickness will allow you to feel fantastic in your hand. This mobile case cover is a simple back case protector. This mobile case is stylish and dirt resistant. The phone case is anti-knock and dirt-resistant. The weight of the mobile cover is 0.0160 kg. Trepanning down is a classy giving the person using mobile access to all buttons. All the edges get the support well and the sensor portion is also protected.


4. Original Xiaomi PU Cover Case

Original Xiaomi PU Cover Case

This mobile case Original Xiaomi PU Cover Case is of a superb quality (first class materials are used for making) and has a modern device to reflect your style. The case goes with the case. This case is an exquisite cover and protects the phone. The mobile case has a flip cover functional acrylic window that lets you access the phone without needing to lift the lid (ideal for going through all the important notifications!). The mobile case comes sealed as original Xiaomi Packaging. It is an ultra-thin and the front cover won’t bother you by staying open all the time, which prevents any accidental screen press. It is made of a nice quality PU leather and fits with the edges of the phone. The cover will fit like a second skin over the mobile. It is lightweight at only 0.0400 kg. The corners and the left side portion is well protected. The case cover is anti-knock, has an auto sleep function, and is a full body case with a nice view window. It comes in gold, grey and silver colors.


5.  The Eyes Phone Case for Xiaomi Mi 5X / Mi A1 Case Fashion Cartoon Soft Silicone TPU Cover Cases Protection Phone Bag

 Phone Case for Xiaomi Mi 5X and Mi A1 Case Fashion Cartoon Soft Silicone

This cute mobile case cover is the best graphics mobile case cover for your mobile. It comes with the caption “Don’t Touch My Phone”. This mobile case is black and has two eyes and an irritated warning look on the top. The mobile case is 100% brand new and made of a high quality. The cover is fashionable, and the design is such that it easy to put on and is easy to take off too. It fits the shape over the mobile with its edges finely covered. The cover is durable. This mobile case cover is dust-proof, scratch-proof and is shock-proof. The material is silicone, TPU and Silica Gel. There are various styles such as Vintage, Animal Pattern and is cool. This mobile case cover comes in different colors which are black, white and assorted colors.


6. Extravagant Retro Fashion Flip Leather Case for Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus Phone Bag with Stand PU Wallet Cover Cases

The product comes in a very fast delivery. The leather case has a perfect look and is a great fit for the phone. It is of a great quality. The design is such that it is very easy to put it on and off. It fits in beautifully is durable and is dirt resistance. The material is PU Leather, TPU and PC. It comes in various different styles and is a great pick.

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