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Presently one of the most trending apps on the internet is certainly Instagram, and is slowly becoming a huge market for people that share their updates regarding their everyday lives and business or entertainment. Slowly with time it is actually becoming a vital marketing tool and works better than other social channels, because of the huge network it has gained over time.

There are a number of social media polls that indicate that Instagram is the only individual platform for attracting followers or having more numbers of Instagram followers, through the visual content that it provides. Instagram also works as a huge online platform for artists, singers, and business owners, for presenting their ideas, talent, and products with short videos, and attractive pictures that they post. 

How can you gain  real Instagram followers in 2019?

In case you are new to the website, there is no doubt that social media marketing will be difficult, and at times even disappointing. There are some important steps that you should follow in order to gain a higher number of followers on Instagram. The proper use of hashtags and also following accounts that are relevant for your work are some of the basics.

Also, try to use hashtags that are identifiable as it makes it easier for other people to follow you. This will also help you to get Instagram likes. In case you are not able to get a higher number of followers, there is no need to stress as there are other ways through which you can buy Instagram followers for a specific account.

Here we have mentioned the top 4 websites that can help you get 100% genuine Instagram followers in 2019:


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2. Kicksta

Kicksta is one of the best online tools to use to gain  real Instagram followers. This is not similar to some other shady service providers that will get you to buy followers. Kicksta is going to interact with your target audience on your behalf. Basically, this is done, through liking photos of other target Instagram users.

This is also going to help you identify the users with niches that are similar to yours and help you gain followers in that niche.  Kicksta likes 1-2 pictures of the target accounts that you select, and your account gets noticed by them, enhancing the probability that they will  follow you once they have looked at your feed.

 Kicksta has two monthly subscription packages.  One is for $49 for moderate growth, and the premium version is $99 for maximum growth.

3. VivoGram

VivoGram is another popular Instagram automation that will ensure that you have a consistent account growth. For a good interaction with the target audience, their team works round the clock. There are certain features like auto-follow, auto-comment, and auto-like that assures attention to your account and helping it to get noticed. You can see VivoGram as a tool for growth management that will also manage your social media.

One of the best features of VivoGram that also makes it unique is that they openly display the price on the website for any of their visitors.

This is one thing that they are highly appreciated for as well as this level of price transparency is not provided by any other competing service providers. Also, there are no hidden charges that you will have to pay later either. They offer three different packages namely starter, advanced and pro. The pricing for them is $ 19, $ 29 and $ 39 respectively.

4. Heepsy

Another absolutely fantastic online tool for a quick search for the best influencers needed for your specific marketing campaign on Instagram. It is specifically one of the best as you can actually go for a free trial, unlike the other tools. This makes it easy for new users and businesses that are small. Also, their plans are highly affordable and start at $49 only that makes it all the more obvious for being on our top 3 list.

Final Conclusion

So the above mentioned are the 4 best websites to gain real Instagram followers in 2019. It’s highly recommended that you also take a look at other factors, like the delivery and consistency of the followers that you are gaining.  The main reason being you want your profile to establish credibility among other users, so you can increase engagement levels, and establish relationships with your followers.

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