Best Proven Ways to Manage Push Notifications on Mac

Reading Time: 3 minutes

As mobile devices growing in number, “push” notifications have readily become an inherent part of our lives.

For everything that happens within our handheld devices, we get an alert in the form of notifications. Be it messages, phone calls, emails, social media alerts, or anything else. Although these notifications come in handy, they can be extremely overwhelming as well. Plus, no one can deny; they often distract us from important tasks. 

But, that’s not an issue alone. Any sensitive notification can be seen by a third person when your phone is locked. And lastly, website notifications, the browser on your Mac, can be a security risk, as they can be a trap to scam you in reality. 

So, what can you do?

Don’t worry! We have got you some easy and efficient methods to efficiently handle all the notifications on your iOS, iPad, and macOS. Let us begin.

How to handle the Push Notifications?

Whenever you install a new app on your iPhone, the app may seek your permission to show notifications. But often, you might allow all the notifications in a hurry to get things done. Ideally, it is better to give it a thought before allowing each of your apps to showcase notifications. 

Experts say that it is best to go into the notification settings on your device to see which apps are permitted to display push notifications. 

● Go to System Preferences> Notifications on your Mac device.


● Here, you will see all the apps that are allowed to show notifications on your device.

There are various options given here. You can handle them your way to control the push notifications on your device. These options include:

Allow notifications

It is an option that you can see when you have opened the window. You can toggle this off if you want to stop chrome notifications mac, as it can be really frustrating and irritating. It is often advised to take a quick tour to see the apps that are not needed. 

For instance, you may notice that an iPassword uses notifications to alert you to app updates. Well! That’s necessary. However, not all apps will hold the same information. So. prepare a list and shutdown push notifications for the apps that don’t matter much otherwise.

Alert style

Under this category, you may opt for options like none, banners, and alerts. Banners are temporary and usually go away after a few seconds. People mostly use it for music apps. It displays notifications only when the song is changing. 

Alerts, however, stay on the screen until you pay attention to them. It is often used to give calendar alerts and some other important notifications. 

Other options

You may be unaware, but there are other options also that allow you to decide whether you want to display notifications or not. On a Mac, showing the notification on the lock screen is not a problem, but it can be problematic in the iPhone or iPad case. 

Sensitive information like messages can be easily visible to other people even when your phone is locked. So, choose wisely!

Sounds for notifications

Just thinking of it isn’t very pleasant in itself. Many applications play sounds for notifications. People usually uncheck this for all their applications. However, on an iPhone, you can set notifications to vibrate only. That way, you won’t miss out on important messages at all. 

Show Previews

Under this particular category, you will find three options- always, when unlocked, and never. There is a default setting at the bottom of the window to choose whether to display previews or not, and you can revoke this for every app you have on your device. 

You can set this to ‘when unlocked’ so that no one can see your messages and other sensitive stuff. Isn’t that great? 

Final Thoughts 

Having a mobile device or any digital device is critical to get things done. However, these devices can be extremely distracting, as well. Why? Because of the sounds of those constant reminders and notifications. 

No doubt, notifications are really helpful. For instance, they remind you of an upcoming meeting and other important things. But, this doesn’t mean that every notification is of significant importance. You have to manage those notifications to prevent yourself from any frustration. Using the options mentioned in the article will help you choose the right notifications for your devices.