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Social media has become part of everyone’s daily life these days. With advent of smartphones and Tablets, Social media has penetrated into households. It is primarily used for social interactions and to access information and news around the world from a single platform. It is a valuable tool because information can be shared with people locally and around the world. It is a powerful tool to create and spread any information or news.

Due to the vast spread, Businesses and companies are concentrating on social media marketing for their brand and product promotion. Anything that attracts social media crowd will spread like wildfire and hence, social media marketing has gained importance as a powerful marketing strategy.

Importance of Social media

As discussed, anything that attracts a crowd on social media will spread rapidly. Hence, business management has started campaigning on social media to increase their brand reach and interaction with customers. But how to attract people on to your content in social media? This is where the importance of likes, comments, and sharing comes into play.

When do you want to buy any commodity from any store, which one will you prefer, store which has a good amount of customers or store without any customers? In most of the cases, we will choose a store which customers because we decide that as there are more people, definitely products and service is very good. That is a power of likes and comments of any content on social media.

When more and more people engage on your post, either by liking or through commenting, it shows up in the top of remaining posts due to the engagement of many people. Similarly, sharing of your post or advertisement in social media will help your post to reach more people and hence, more engagement.

But, one cannot simply put more time on social media marketing because there are other works that has to be taken care in business. Hence, there are companies which offer Social media marketing services and Social media management services. Famoid is such a company.

What is Famoid?

Founded in 2017 in the USA, Famoid is a technology company which aims to create the best social media services to their customers. They are most rated in the social media marketing service industry as they never compromise on customer experience. It is the first company that offers social media services in a legal way. Known for their quality and speed, Famoid over social media management services for their clients for managing different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

Famoid Social Media Services

Social Media Services offered by Famoid:

As discussed, Famoid offers media services to platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. We will discuss details about these services:

  1. Facebook Services:

Famoid offers two types of services for Facebook, they are Facebook Post Likes service and Facebook fan page like service. We know that people tend to attracted towards any page which has more likes because they will feel that it offers great content to them. As already discussed, posts that have a high number of likes (more engagement) appear at top of the new feed, so it reaches more people than the post with fewer likes or comments.

Famoid offers various range of packages to each service which you can select based on your interest. These services are instantly delivered and there is no need doubt about the security of your page.

  1. Twitter Services:

Twitter is one of the most actively engaged social media platforms where many people engage actively through tweets and retweets. Famoid also offers three services for twitter namely, Followers packages, Retweets packages, and Likes Packages. Followers are people who choose to follow your activity such as tweets of your account. More the followers, it will attract more people on to your account to follow.

Tweets are like posts on Facebook where the number of characters are limited making it as a path for short and sharp information. They can be retweeted which means sharing the tweet and liked as in post of Facebook. A tweet with more retweets will reach more people and hence, your information will be spread to a large community.

Famoid with various packages to increase followers’ promises to deliver the followers in a package within 60 minutes and all followers will be counted in 12 hours. For retweets order, it will take the utmost 120 to deliver your order which is very fast and reliable. Similarly, likes package orders will take at most 90 minutes for completion.

  1. YouTube Services:

YouTube is the most successful and most famous video sharing platform where people can upload their videos for free and share them with the world.  So, YouTube acts as the best source to share any content such as video advertisement or video product introductions to reach millions of people on YouTube. Most companies create their own channels and upload their video through that channel.

Famoid offers to services for YouTube, they are: Subscribes packages and Views packages. Subscribers fro YouTube channels are like followers on twitter who want to know about any video on the channel. So, more subscribers will understood as good content by audience. Hence, increasing Subscribes will attract more audience on to your channel. Also, YouTube normally pays for ads on your video and number of actions on the advertisement. And viewers will tend to attract to videos with more views than fewer views. So, more views will attract more audience to your video which will increase your views furthermore.

Subscribes Packages on Famoid are delivered within 24 hours based on the order. Views are normally delivered within 24 hours using the drip-feed system where 1000 views will be delivered per 1 hour. Hence, the whole order will be spread over time based on the number views order and will be delivered in 24 hours.

  1. Instagram Services:

Instagram is a new trend and many people are using Instagram to get famous by posting their videos or photos on this platform. Most important features required by Instagram account holders to attract more people on their account is more number of followers and more likes on their posts.

Likes packages by Famoid will help you to fetch real time and real account likes for your post. This will increase organic interaction on the post. Also, Video Views packages will increase the number of views of the video posted on your account, which will boost your online presence. As discussed earlier, more number of followers will attract more people on to your account thus reaching too many people which can be achieved by followers packages. Automatic Instagram likes is a unique service which will increase the likes on the posts gradually with time, as instant likes might be suspicious to many people.

Like packages will be delivered instantly within 1 minute. Delivery of followers’ package will be done within 5 minutes once the order is confirmed. As mentioned with automatic likes package, likes of Instagram post will increase gradually with time and will be delivered within 24 hours.

Features of Famoid

So, after going through all social media management services offered by Famoid, here are some great features of Famoid that differentiates it from other companies:

  • Instant delivery: Very important feature of Famoid is its fast and instant delivery feature. It takes hardly 3-5 minutes to place an order and confirm it and order will be delivered within minutes of confirmation.
  • Safety and Privacy: Famoid will never your password for order delivery. They only require email id and username of the social media account for an order to be delivered. Also, all payments are processed through safe gateways such as SafeCharge and PayPal.
  • Support: Famoid provides 24×7 supports to all orders and social media services processed through them. Their support system is fully automated and will get back to you within 15 minutes. The support team is active on all days, including holidays.
  • Quality: One of the greatest features of Famoid is their quality of the orders delivered. They fully depend on organic engagement and never go for fake accounts. They will deliver orders through real and active accounts.

Final Verdict:

Features such as Instant delivery of the orders and making real-time engagements to deliver orders are surely impressive. Also, Wide range of services offered at a reasonable price will satisfy people who look at cost-effective way. So, if you are looking best social media marketing services then Famoid is definitely a great choice and you will not regret.

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