Best Pc Backup Software of 2017 for Windows – File and Data Backup

(Last Updated On: February 4, 2018)

O & O disk image is a best pc backup software to restore all your data which is lost due to any reason like system failure, sudden system shutdown, data deleted accidently or files deleted by virus.

Before we grasp more knowledge about this software and how does it work let’s explore more about data backup.

What is Data Backup?

Copying the data of your computer to memory cards, hardrive, pendrive, cloud or any storage medium and restoring the data from same when required is called a data backup.Data can be lost due to various reasons like

  • Hardrive failure
  • Data Theft issues
  • Natural Disasters like flood
  • Software corruption
  • Virus and Malware

Data plays a crucial role in everyone’s life whether it’s soft or hard copy hence one should take it seriously and regularly take backup of your important data.

Once you purchase best pc backup software for your system then you can easily decide the following

  • What files and data are important and you should take backup of these files.
  • Schedule your backup time and you can take backup everyday, weekends or in a month which completely depends on you how you schedule.
  • Type of backups.
  • Decide where to store the data so that you can restore whenever required.
  • Type of media you want to take backup.

After long hours of experiments our IT experts declared that O&O disk Image backup is one of the best pc backup software for home and professional users which allows you to take backup of all your drives individually and you can also select the set of files of your choice you want to take backup of.With the help of this software you can restore chunks of data in single click.

best pc backup software

NOTE:- Do cloning of your entire PC or hardrive at an uneconomical price of $49.95

Some unique and cool features of Best Pc Backup Software are

  • Auto backup and Manual backup function:-  Either manually take backup of your system or choose an autobackup. Both the features are available in single product that’s the uniqueness of this product.
  • Backup full hardrive or even single files or folders – O&O Disk Image backup let you take backup of your full system which includes your personal information, all hidden files in your system, individual files and folders with just one single click.
  • Schedule your backup – You can select the data backup time and date as per your convenient and schedule it accordingly

Schedule your backup

  • Plug and Play Functionality – Take backup of your hardrive easily using plug and play functionality which mean that your selected files and folders can be backed up automatically.
  • Option of Restoring your system into different hardrive.
  • Create a boot medium directly from within the program.

product Features

At an uneconomical price of $49.95 this software is giving you lot of advanced options that let to take entire backup of your system.

I have a question??

Que – How much you are willing to pay that completely take you out of stress and satisfy your inner soul? 

Situation:-  You open your system to email an important file to you boss which is stored in one of the drive of your system and suddenly you find that the same file is missing from your system and after scanning your entire system you are unable to access that file. Now you don’t have backup what should you do?

These backup services companies charges are over priced and can’t be affordable in that case you have must have a pc backup software installed in your system that can help you  to take backup.

Answer:- O&O Image Backup Software

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 Easy user-friendly Interface

 Take backup of your full computer

 Not costly

Final Verdict

O & O Disk Image Backup is the best pc backup software that allows you take complete backup up system with all the functionality and restore later on.

OS Support:- Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10.

Specifications:-  RAM:- 1 GB RAM, 50MB FREE HARDRIVE

Also you can buy storage devices such as hardrive, pendrive to save your data.