5 Best Mobile Proxy Service Providers of 2023- TechPcVipers (Updated)

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Proxy services have seen an increase in demand in recent times. A proxy server is a gateway that lets you hide your IP and use another one from any location. This provides data security and helps collect data from other sites, depending on what you require. 

While desktop proxy services have been in use for more than a while, mobile proxy services are fast becoming the latest trend. This service lets you use the IP address of a smartphone from a city of your choice. To help you know more about such services, we’ve compiled a list of the five best mobile proxy service providers in the market. 

5 Best Mobile Proxy Service Providers

1. Proxy Guys 

  • Proxy Guys is a US-centered 4G LTS proxy service provider with more than 50 million unblocked 4G mobile IPs for you to access. The company has its modems in 25+ cities in the US. 
  • It offers unlimited bandwidth, unlimited IP changes (anytime you want), and instant changes to the location. 
  • The company guarantees around 40-60 Mbps speed. There is 24*7 customer support in case you have any issues with the services. 
  • The company has a range of pricing plans designed to suit the varying needs of different businesses. The basic plan starts at $20 (single-location). The highest is the multi-location bulk package that costs $1,125/month. 

Read about Proxy Guys in detail.

2. Soax

  • Soax offers residential, mobile, and datacenter proxies with more than 8.5 million IPs from around the world. You can change the geographical location to any country or city. If geo-targeting is your aim, Soax offers the best services. 
  • The user dashboard makes it easy to configure the settings and track the website traffic. You can whitelist IPs and export the proxy lists in different formats. 
  • There is also a data-gathering tool that lets you collect the required information straight from the dashboard. 
  • The Wi-Fi plans start at $75/month and go up to $700/month. The mobile proxy plans start at $70/month and go up to $580/month. 
  • The company offers a 3-day trial version for every plan for just $1. You can contact the support team to extend the trial period. 

3. Proxy-Cheap

Proxy- Cheap
  • Proxy-Cheap offers the best value for your money, providing residential proxies for $3 per GB. 
  • The company has its proxy locations in more than 127 countries. It has 6,738,293 (and counting) IPs in its extensive network. 
  • The company offers residential, mobile, and data center proxies. The mobile proxy can be accessed through either 3G or 4G technology. 
  • There is unlimited bandwidth with an instant setup facility and 24*7 support services. The self-service dashboard lets you manage everything from one place. 
  • Mobile proxy services are available in three counties- US (3G), France (4G), and Lithuania (4G). The price, network providers, and time duration change from country to country. 
  • The mobile proxies support HTTP and SOCK5 protocols and offer great anonymity. The US proxy IP rotation happens after 30 minutes, while for France and Lithuania, the proxy rotation time is 1-1440 minutes. 

4. AirProxy

Air Proxy
  • AirPxoxy is a dedicated mobile proxy service provider and uses the 4G network to provide safer and efficient means to complete your job. 
  • You can rotate the proxies using API or set an interval period of your choice, after which it will automatically be changed. 
  • What if you want to show your proxy expenses in the tax report? The company will provide you with an invoice. 
  • The company’s proxy location is in Italy. Their default currency for payment in euros. However, AirProxy accepts Bitcoins as well. Cool, right? 
  • You can buy the 3-day trial version for 9.90 euros (approximately 11.7 USD). 
  • The monthly package is priced at 87 euros (103 USD). It provides unlimited bandwidth, a dedicated SIM card, access to the API, and custom rotation timings. 

5. Proxy LTE

Proxy LTE
  • If you want to use high-quality mobile proxies from the US, Proxy LTE offers secure IPs on HTTPS and SOCKS5 protocols for affordable prices. 
  • You can change the proxies once every 30 minutes. The company has 6 price plans and an option to ask for customized plans to suit your requirements. 
  • The company accepts payments in BTC. The private plan that runs of SOCKS5 protocol costs $0.05 per proxy per day. 
  • The US carrier plan that uses HTTPS and SOCKS5 is priced at $1.12 per proxy per day.
  • You can create your custom plan right on the homepage of the company website. There is an advanced control panel to monitor and track your proxies and data collection. 

Adding to our list is another great mobile proxy provider – ProxyEmpire (Set up mobile proxies in an easy way).

Wrapping Up

When you can choose how long you want to use the IP address and when you want to use a fresh one, wouldn’t it be easy to gather data and do your market research without giving away your information? 

Many companies use proxy services for data scraping, market research, SEO, brand protection, social media tracking, and more. With numerous service providers to choose from, you can choose the best mobile proxy service deal in the market and make the most of the privacy it provides.