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To improve video in one click, bloggers and travelers choose LUTs. With their help, you can quickly enhance wedding videos, action camera footage, family and romantic stories. 

These pre-saved settings are available in .CUBE and .LOOK formats. It is possible to import LUTs to such video editors as DaVinci Resolve, Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC and Sony Vegas.

13 Best Free and Paid LUTs of 2021

LUT files simplify the color grading process, so you can enhance multiple clips quickly using the same style. You just need to download the collection you like, import it to your software and apply the preferable filter to the video. Your clips will achieve a color toning effect and appear brighter and richer. Most importantly, your works will get a professional look, regardless of the video editor you use.

1. Sunrise Free LUT

Sunrise Free LUT

With this LUT, you can add pink tones to your video. Apply this filter to create a gentle and romantic atmosphere in a wedding, landscape or love story movie. Moreover, you can create the same mood in all your clips in order to make them appear in the same style.

2. Contrast Free LUT 

Contrast Free LUT

You can use this free LUT to increase the brightness and contrast in your clips. Your wedding and travel footage will show details, and faded colors will become more saturated. It is also possible to adjust the white balance, tone, highlights/shadows and other parameters.

3. Coastal Haze Free LUT

 Coastal Haze Free LUT

To accentuate the depth of each frame, use the Coastal Haze LUT. This free tool makes shades more expressive, adding a touch of mystery. You will achieve a fantastic result if your clip includes water or you want to enhance wedding and romantic videos.

4. GoPro LUTs

 GoPro LUTs

This collection of LUTs is specifically designed for enhancing action camera videos. You can make the most out of 20 LUTs to transform inexpressive landscapes into vibrant compositions. The collection incorporates tools that add summer colors to videos and emphasize blue tones in clips that include snowy mountains.

5. Must-Have LUTs Collection

Must-Have LUTs Collection

Having these LUT files at hand, you can enhance any video, whether it is a drone clip or a family movie. The collection includes 160 LUTs that improve the shades in the clips preserving their natural look. You can brighten up a video of an evening city, highlight the beauty of the mountain landscape and add warm tones to a romantic clip.

6. Color Grading LUTs

Color Grading LUTs

This set of 20 LUTs will help you add vibrant colors to your footage in just a few clicks. It is suitable for travel videos, sports and lifestyle clips. You can enhance footage that includes too much sun and accentuate the details by brightening certain shades.

7. Premiere LUTs

Premiere LUTs

This is one of those LUT packs designed specifically for Premiere Pro. However, you can use it with other video editing programs. With the help of these filters, you can enliven travel and family footage and make it more touching. You will get 20 LUTs to complement your works with color effects, shadows and a harmonious combination of different shades.

8. Canon LUTs

Canon LUTs

These LUTs are great for improving footage recorded with a Canon camera. Add professional color gradations to your videos with just one click. The collection contains 20 LUTs, including the tools for adding cool tones, contrast, shadows and warm sunny tones.

9. Sony LUTs

Sony LUTs

If you are a filmmaker who works with Sony cameras, this set will come in handy. These LUTs work great with drone, wedding, romantic and family videos. You can considerably enhance your footage by adding warm shadows, pearl tones, matte effects, etc.

10. Cinematic LUTs

Cinematic LUTs

You will be definitely blown away by a premium collection of LUT files for adding a cinematic effect. With these filters, you can create a movie with the perfect color scheme. For example, make faded frames more saturated or highlight the azure hue of the ocean. You will also achieve LUTs to add a vintage vibe to your footage.

11. Orange and Teal LUTs

Orange and Teal LUTs

Orange and Teal LUTs are go-to filters for YouTubers, travel vloggers and aspiring filmmakers. With this collection, you can accentuate turquoise tones in a scene and give a golden hue to highlights in the foreground. You can create the perfect look for non-verbal storytelling by highlighting skin tones and emphasizing body movements or facial expressions.

12. Wedding LUTs

Wedding LUTs

To enhance wedding videos, I have prepared a premium collection of 20 LUTs. They are designed to balance skin tones, natural greenery and a wedding dress tone. The set includes both soft and cool filters. The former will help accentuate balanced skin tones and versatility, while the latter will give a mysterious touch to the story.

13. Film LUTs

This is one of the best LUT packs that will help you turn your wedding clip or travel story into an exciting movie. It includes 20 unique LUTs for complex color gradations. They emulate the look and feel of real movies. Apply these LUTs to your footage and create a Hollywood-inspired western or romantic comedy.