5 Best Cleaner tools to clean your mac and get rid of junks (Updated 2023)

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Are you looking to get rid of junks and looking for best cleaner tools which can clear your mac and make it faster than earlier? I know your answer is yes…TechPcVipers has recently done a survey and interviewed few people whose mac machine are running slow just because of junks and needless files and after doing profound study we found that tons of mac machine is running slow and people are not aware of the cleaner tools available in the market so today we are going to discuss about the best mac cleaner tools of 2017 which helps you to clean your mac and get rid of junks forever.

I know any machine reduces its efficiency with time but you can maintain it’s health if you take care of that properly.

When you bought a new machine such as Mobile/PC from the market and after it’s few days of operation your system gets accumulated with lot of needless files which make your pc slow and you start thinking that you have recently bought it and suddenly what happened to system which leads to frustration sometimes but if you delete temporary files, cache,log files and junks from your system your machine behave as if you have bought just now so today we are going to discuss 5  best mac cleaner tools  and also some tricks how to clean your mac without spending penny.

Cleaner tools are very quick in scanning and within few minutes they can clean your system, scanning sometimes also depend upon system data and memory.

What are the solutions available to clean your mac?

  1. Upgrade your hardware
  2. Format your system
  3. Increase the memory

Don’t you think it’s expensive? yes it is…hence we tested the best cleaner tools on different mac machine and selected below 5

5 Best Mac Cleaner tools

  1. Stellar Speedup Mac

Stellar Speedup Mac helps you to clean your mac which ultimately increases the speed of your machine and makes it faster then previous. You can remove junk files, log files, cache, manage extensions and unneeded files which accumulates in your system.


  • Increase the speed of Volumes in your system
  • Remove unwanted files with simple Drag and Drop function
  • Remove duplicate files from iTunes, photos, and iMovies
  • Well versed with latest OS X El Capitan 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7 and 10.6

2. Macbooster  5

Macbooster is a program developed by Iobit helping millions of users every day to clean mac machine by removing junk, malware, virus which are the main causes that slow down your system steadily without notifying you and one day you are going to lose your important files.

Advance Features of Macbooster

  • Scans every corner of your system and remove junks, caches, logs and unneeded files.
  • Clear your memory to speed up your machine

3.  Macpaw CleanMyMac 3

I’m sure you really know the importance of a beautiful word “health” which plays a crucial role in human’s life and machine as well.

Always remember “if your health is good you can fight any infection similar happens with a machine if the health of your pc is good  it works better for you.”

CleanMymac 3 continuously scans your system every day and monitor the system performance thus removing junks, log files which makes your system updated and keep it clean.


  • Cleaning
  • Maintenance
  • Health Monitoring

 4. Intego Mac Cleaner

Intego Mac Washing Machine X9 is a product by Intego which is also known as best mac cleaner tool that enhances your system performance by cleaning unnecessary and duplicate files.


  • Get Rid of duplicated files
  • Increase the speed of mac by cleaning junks and duplicate files
  • Helps you to create smart folders to get your files arranged and you can easily access

5. CCleaner

CCleaner is the popular tool among users and millions of user used this tool for cleaning pc. Not only CCleaner cleans your pc but also gives you privacy which is most important.

What can you expect from your PC after using CCleaner?

  • Award-Winning PC Optimization Tool
  • Your computer runs faster than previously
  • Your OS loaded quickly
  • Online Privacy

Now Question is What else you can do if you know some basics of computer

  1. Upgrade your hardware which can be exorbitant for you but that’s the only option as sometimes less memory and hard disk spaces can crash your system.
  2. Resetting the SMC- System Managment Controller
  3. Clean your system daily that will remove malware and spyware if any which can be one of the reasons that are making your pc slow. Try BitDefender 
  4. De-Clutter your desktop as a lot of icons looks convoluted.
  5. Use Firewall that will help prevent intruders coming on your computer.

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