5 Best Cases for Iphone X in 2018 to protect your new device

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Best Cases for Iphone XAre you still wondering what are the best cases for iPhone X? With a Starting price of $999 iPhone X is the latest and the most expensive device of Apple hence without wasting a single minute, you should buy these iPhone X cases and shield your device from drops, lacerate, dirt, and weather with these top shock-absorbing, rugged cases.

6 Best Cases for iPhone X

1. Survivor All-Terrain

survivor all terrain

 Survivor All-Terrain safeguard your iPhone from dust, sand, rain, impacts, vibration, and lot of other environmental factors. The design of the Survivor All-Terrain is thinner as compared to the other rugged cases in the market. Materials used in the case are Silicon and Polycarbonate (PET ).

2. Survivor Strong

survivor strong

 Go for Survivor Strong if you need ultra slim cases and ultra-rugged drop protection for your iPhone X. A super lightweight product which is made of shatterproof polycarbonate which means two layers and one strong shell while the outer layer is durable and wear-resistant that makes us easy to grip. Materials used in the case are Polycarbonate (PET ) and TPU.

3. Survivor Clear

survivor clear

 If you want to add little pleasingness to your iPhone X and make it look more appealing then you should try Survivor Clear so that your iPhone shines and suits your personality as well. The impact-deflecting bumper protects your iPhone X’s controls, sides, and corners with a cutting-edge, non-yellowing rubber. Materials used in the case are Polycarbonate (PET ) and TPU.

4. Survivor Prime

survivor prime

Survivor Prime is a complete leather drop proof case which looks similar to a phone. Prime is tested and protect your iPhone X from drops of up to 7 feet. Survivor Prime leather case can make your iPhone and you feel awesome. Materials used in the case are Polycarbonate (PET ) and TPU.

5. Survivor Fit

survivor fit

A multilayered drop-proof case for iPhone X is the best iPhone X Case as compared to other iphone X cases. It’s hard textured shell protects your iPhone against dents and scratches. The nonslip gripes of this case let you easily in and out of pockets. Materials used in the case are Polycarbonate (PET ) and TPU.

Final Conclusion

At a price of $999  iPhone X is not a cheap device hence, you need to keep it safe and protect from water, scratches, dents and several other environmental factors that can affect the quality and lowers the performance of your nice looking device which you don’t want. If you are using iPhone X then don’t forget to spend additional $30 to $50 in order to get your device protected. Get these best iPhone x Cases for your device as soon as possible.

We have collected and reviewed best cases for iPhone X and Our favorite Case is Survivor Strong as it looks similar to an iPhone. Please let us know in comments which case you have decided to purchase.

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