Best cache cleaner utility to clean your Windows and Mac pc

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Macpaw’s Clean My Mac is the best cache cleaner utility to clean junks from your pc which is actually one of the reason’s why your new system is running slow and your work is getting hampered.The best part of this tool is it’s smart engine scans every inch of your hard drive to find and kick the garbage out of your system thus making your pc fast and smooth.


5 top reasons why your pc get slow with time.

  • A lot of temporary files.
  • Hardrive space full.
  • Low Memory issue which you can resolve by upgrading RAM.
  • Registry and driver Issues.
  • The hardware of your computer is pretty old and outdated.


Before you decide to purchase Macpaw CleanMyMac we would like to give you some free tips which you can try to clean up your computer, I understand that it could not resolve your problem completely but it can reduce your problem to some extent especially when you don’t have money.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”redo” wrap=”i”] Cluttered Desktop

Desktop full of icons looks tidy and can be one of the reasons for slowing down your system, it would be nice if your desktop is neat and clean with only a few icons.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”redo” wrap=”i”] Deleting Temporary Files

Computer stores temporary files of the programs your run and to remove them manually you have to got to start menu and press windows icon +R which open a dialog box where you have to write %temp% and then press enter which takes you to temporary files folder so all you have to do is press ctrl+A and delete them all.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”redo” wrap=”i”] Free Hardrive Space

Make sure your hard drive color is always in green and not in red, once it turns into the red color that means your hard drive space is full and you can’t load more programs.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”redo” wrap=”i”] Scan for Malware and Viruses

Download and run malware and virus scanner tool that finds all the threats in your system which is infecting your pc health this you should remove them immediately.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”redo” wrap=”i”] Update your drivers

Your pc has to face some serious issues if you are not using updated drivers in your system as outdated and corrupted drivers can impact your system performance very badly.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”redo” wrap=”i”] Run Registry Cleaner Software

Best Free Registry Cleaner software can fix registry of your system and boost the performance of your pc.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”redo” wrap=”i”] Use Free cache cleaner tool

CCleaner is the best cache cleaner utility to remove cache as too much cache can be reducing the speed of your computer.

Still, your pc is slow? Try Macpaw CleanMyMac which is available for Windows and Mac users.

Pricing Model

Macpaw offers a single license at a price of $39.95 which can be used only on 1 pc, for 2 pc you have to pay $59.95 while for a family pack where you can use license up to 5 pc the price is $89.95.

4 top reasons why Macpaw is the best cache cleaner tool


Excellent optimization software that runs on your pc smoothly.

2. Pricing Factor

At a starting price of $39.95 that too one-time payment for single pc is not so expensive.

3. Ease of Use

With an eye-catching UI, software is user-friendly and easy to use.

4. Support

Email, chat and call support is available 24/5 Monday – Friday

 Why is Macpaw called the best cache cleaner tool?

Our team of IT experts has tested this tool on both Windows and Mac system by doing the experiment on different scenarios like fixing registry issues, cleaning temporary files, removing unwanted files and Macpaw cleaning tool passed every test and results are above expectations hence our technical team says that Macpaw is of the best cleaner tool.

Macpaw – best cache cleaner tool is a combination of 9 great and excellent features which are explained below:-

  1. Hibernation Mode

Hibernation mode option is available in all modern Windows OS which is one the best way to save power in laptops while still remembering the files your pc before you turn it off completely. With MacPaw you can now turn off the hibernation mode in a just single click. 


2. Registry Cleaner Option

MacPaw CleanMyPc stands at no 1 position while cleaning and fixing the corrupt registry in your system as compared to free CCleaner.For every program you run on your system, a registry updated in the background and it should be clean, properly organized for proper pc performance.


3. Act like an uninstaller

While surfing the web sometimes it happens that you can download a spammy or unknown application that can lead to serious issues in your system.In that case, CleanMyPC comes into action and used a special uninstaller feature which is bundled from the manufacturer while this will not remove all the infected files hence in the second run all the leftover files are removed.

4. Autorun

Slow boot time of your pc can sometimes be frustrate you especially when you have important work then Macpaw’s special feature Autorun can give you the option to check and uncheck which software you want to boot up along with your Windows OS & uncheck that you don’t want.

5. Privacy


Privacy is really a crucial factor especially when you run the online business as your browser stored your password, history, caches, sessions.Browser history can be easily cleared and reset but you have to go to each browser and reset them if you are using different browsers such as firefox, chrome, and safari but with CleanMyPc you can easily manage them all at once.

6. Pc Cleaner

CleanMyPc searches each corner of your hard drive to clean and remove all junks from the system.It’s working is very similar to CCleaner scanning your hard drive and removing the junks out of it. CleanmMyPc quickly starts working once it found 1GB of unnecessary files while CCleaner starts working once it’s engine found 2.5GB of unneeded files.

7. Powerful extensions


Adding extensions on your browser can reduce your effort and you can easily analyze and do the calculation.With extensions, you can easily manage your work but it may happen that while installing extension any corrupted software can be installed which lead to serious issues in your system but with CleanMyPc extension can be installed within a fraction of seconds with a just single click.

8. Shredder


With the help of this powerful tool you can completely erase files and folders on your pc leaving no option of recovering them later thus your important details get erased which you don’t want to share with anyone and now is of n use to you.

9. User Interface

The interface of this software gives you a modern feel as the design was really elegant and I’m you will love it once you start using.

Alternative to MacPaw:- Stellar Speedup Mac

Final Conclusion

Our expert suggests that CleanMyPC is the best cache cleaner too to clean your windows and mac system. It’s an all-in-one solution which is a combination of 9 powerful features that can help you to clear caches, remove temporary files, remove junks thus helping you to boost the performance of your pc.

CleanMyPc is the best solution and alternative to other cleanup tools which are costly and not much advanced features which you get in Macpaw.

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