Best Budget Robot Vacuum Cleaner – EufyRobovac 11S (BoostIQ) Review

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A Robo Vacuum Cleaner with a sleek design? Yes, this was our first impression of EufyRobovac 11S. This amazing vacuum cleaner will not only work on your hardwoods but also clean your carpets. It comes with an attractive design and cleans almost under any furniture. This robot cleaning has been a blessing. Price at a very affordable rate, this beautiful cleaner is one of the most affordable robot cleaner available on Amazon.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner - EufyRobovac


  • This robot vacuum is the slimmestRoboVac and has a strong but quiet suction of 1300Pa.
  • BoostIQ Technology increases the suction power in just 1.5 seconds when that extra strength is in need.
  • It has a good battery time. Be ensured that the device will clean your house for a long time.
  • The glass-top cover is anti-scratch and protects the device, the infrared sensor senses the obstacles around so that the device does not crash into any of it.
  • The RoboVac has a drop-sensing tech to avoid falls.


Yes, this Vacuum Cleaner is affordable but does it work? Well, this works and causes no problem. Promise! This device is sleek and has a simple tempered-glass upper deck. A chrome power button and the Eufy official logo adorn the top. The classy design by Robovac 11S’ has a contrast of Roomba, Samsung, Neato and other famous brands have an industrial look. This machine can click on and off, working on its schedule, and comes with equipment and cleaning modes which deep cleans your house. The controlling of all modes is done using the remote and the device only contains an on and off switch button. Unlike other costly Robot vacuums, this lacks smart features and does not run through an app.


Unlike any other robots, this device just runs through your home like a cute pet. It won’t map your house. It navigates around and does not run into obstacles. This robot runs with a hit and trial method seeking a new path. The device wriggles out when stuck between items. But if it does not get out it keeps pushing in and out until its battery runs out. Obstacles like rugs and welcome blankets won’t be a problem. And none of the items would be damaged, just keep strings, cords, and headphones out of the way.


Along with RoboVac 11S, you get a remote (2AAA batteries included), charging base, AC power adapter, a set of high performing filters, tools for cleaning, side brushes-4, and 5 cable ties.


The thing we loved the most is, unlike other tech gadgets it does get out quickly. It does its one job efficiently and is worth keeping. The cleaner will absolutely prove to be durable. The battery might need to be replaced but it will take a few years for it to go to that phase, also periodically replace the roller brushes, whiskers, and filters. You won’t regret buying it at all. This is a low price RoboCleaner that will do its job in the best way possible.

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