Best Alternative to Videoask is to Create Interactive Videos

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Video marketing is trending around the world. It’s everywhere on social media. More than 50% of companies use videos to educate their target audiences about their products and services. Statistics show a person watches 17 hours of online videos every week in 2023. On a global scale, people spend an average of 84 minutes every day watching videos. 

However, even videos aren’t enough anymore. You need interactive videos on your websites and pages to convert visitors into subscribers and customers. Interactive videos allow users to respond to the questions in the video and get more information. 

The market has several online tools and platforms to create interactive videos for a cost-effective investment. With platforms like and Videoask, there’s no need to hire an entire team of experts to create interactive videos. You can do it on your own and optimize your resources. 

Let’s compare and find out why is the best alternative to Videoask. 

How it Works: Vs. Videoask lets you create and share interactive videos in three simple steps. Videoask has similar steps, but we’ve found it easier and quicker to use It is simpler and user-friendly. 

  1. Create Videos:

Both platforms allow users to record videos using third-party apps or integrations. You can even upload screen recordings or videos from copyright-free sites.


2. Add Interactions/ Questions

The next step is to design the interactive video panel and add the questions or interactions to the video. Interactly offers easy and popular industry specific templates and color themes to get started easily.  To customize the flow simply select the question type that you want to add on top of video and create conditional branching between the videos and create a multiple video sequences. Here VideoAsk and both provides popular question types like single choice, multiple choice, video/audio input, upload files etc. Videoask provides some extra types like Calender, Payment which are ‘coming soon’ features in

Add Interactions/ Questions

3.) Share and Embed

Both platforms offers to share the video as a link (on social media and networking platforms) or embed it into emails, newsletters, etc. You can add a widget to your website for users to interact with the video. 

Share and Embed offers even multiple themes, color schemes, layouts, fonts, etc. You can edit and customize the theme, add questions from your side, decide the flow of interaction, and finalize the video in a handful of minutes. No coding is required on either platform. 

Test and Live Mode: Vs. Videoask

The major feature Interactly differentiates itself from its competitors through its test and live modes and go-live functionality. These features are particularly useful for businesses that need to make changes to their content after going live with version 1. With Interactly, businesses can make changes in development mode, get approvals from their team, and then apply those changes to the live mode, ensuring that their content remains up-to-date and relevant.

Test and Live Mode

Use Cases: Vs. Videoask

Marketing and Sales

Converting leads to customers is vital for your business’ success. Videoask can be integrated with CRM systems and calendar to track leads and schedule meetings for closing leads faster. helps with lead generation and lead qualification to increase conversions. Pre-recorded videos can be customized to include interactive questions and forms to establish two-way communication with potential leads.

Marketing and Sales

Customer Support 

Customer support is another vital area where interactive videos can be used to enhance customer satisfaction and experience. makes it easy to create how-to videos and explain the products/ services to customers in simple terms. The videos can include detailed explanations and answers to queries neatly structured to follow a seamless flow. For example, first-time users can learn about each product feature by selecting the relevant option from the interactive video. 

Customer Support 


The human resources teams can use interactive videos for employee onboarding, to provide personalized online training, to recruit new candidates, and so on. While Videoask caters to recruitment teams, is highly effective to guide new employees to become a part of the organization, through onboarding and training. Welcome messages don’t have to be one-sided conversations. With interactive videos, new employees can engage with pre-recorded videos and feel closer to the business. 


Testimonials and Feedback 

User testimonials and feedback are crucial for brand recognition and fine-tuning business strategies. and Videoask provide features to create interactive videos to collect reviews and feedback from multiple customers. They simply have to answer the questions in the video and select the relevant options to share their feedback. It saves time for customers and your business. Analyzing the feedback is also easier when using 

Testimonials and Feedback 

User Engagement

Whether it is potential leads, shortlisted candidates for the job, or one-time customers, ghosting is a common factor in all three. People will lose interest when they cannot find meaningful ways to engage with a business. Both platforms make it easier for you to stay in touch with different target audiences and keep them engaged with your business. 

User Engagement

Pricing: Vs. Videoask pricing is mainly based on the usage i.e based on number users interacted with the Intearctly videos. Videoask pricing is primarily determined by the duration of the videos/audios uploaded by both the business using the platform to display videos and the users who interact with those videos. 

Suppose that 1000 users interact with your interactive video flow, and each flow contains five videos, each one minute in length. Let’s compare the monthly cost difference, assuming that each user uploads a five-minute video within the month.

Interactly Cost: $89 as per their Scale Plan

VideoAsk Cost:

5 X 1 min = 5 mins (Business uploaded videos)

1000 X 5 min = 5000 mins (User uploaded videos/audios)


Total: 5005 mins

$50 (for 2400 mins)

$521 (for 3600 mins with their add ons $138X3 + $107)


Total cost: $571 

As the volume of usage increases, the pricing for becomes significantly more affordable when compared to the pricing for VideoAsk.

To Sum Up is the best alternative to Videoask to create highly interactive and engaging videos as it offers a greater range of customization options compared to Videoask. Additionally, as usage volume increases, offers more affordable pricing, making it a cost-effective alternative to Videoask.

Though Videoask has been founded years ago and boasts a large user base, is fast catching up in the market. The company is part of Nasscom 10k startups in India and has received the Top Early Stage Startup Award.

Create interactive videos in minutes and engage with your target audiences in two-way communication at any time and from any device. is a SaaS (software as a service) product suitable for marketers, freelancers, SMBs, and growing enterprises.