Learning New Languages is Now Easy and Fun with Beelinguapp

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Many of us like to learn new languages, but it’s not always easy. Either we don’t find enough time or don’t find the right course, or sometimes the entire process makes us feel so tired that we just give up. Also, learning some languages is a costly affair. 

Who wouldn’t want an easy yet fun way to learn something new? Why should you follow the same old method of starting with the alphabets and going step by step to the next levels? What if books and music can help us learn our favorite faster? 

It would be wonderful, right? But is it possible? Of course, it is. Beelinguapp was developed based on a neuroscience concept of language acquisition to unlock the natural learning ability of our brain. The app uses a parallel text method and audiobooks to help you learn a new language by comparing it to English. 

Beelinguapp - Language Learning

About Beelinguapp 

The award-winning app was founded in 2017 and is available for Android and iOS smartphones for free download. Four million users have downloaded the app and it has a rating of 4.8 stars (hardly surprising) and can help you learn up to 14 languages. 

David Montiel, the CEO of Beelinguapp, grew up learning new languages. With his 15+ years of experience in software engineering, he came up with a unique idea to learn new languages. 

The app uses parallel text methodology in which the same text appears in two languages. It has been found that this method helps the brain understand faster and grasp the minute details even though you may not be aware of them. 

The audiobooks are narrated by native speakers so that you can easily learn how a word is pronounced. The app offers new keyword suggestions with each story. You can add these to the glossary and practice later. 


Whether you are a novice or a polyglot, this app will assist you to master the language you want to learn. 

Features of Beelinguapp 

  • The app helps you learn the following languages-
  • English, Spanish, Hindi, French, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, German, Turkish, Japanese, Chinese, Swedish, Korean, and Arabic. 
  • Choose from children’s books with illustrations, fairytales, classics, news articles, papers on science and technology, and much more. 
  • Use filters to set the difficulty level of learning. Learn the way it’s convenient to you rather than follow a standard process for everyone. 
  • Add text to favorites by using the heart icon on the side. Enrich your vocabulary without pulling your hair out. 
  • It’s super easy to get the translation of a word or a phrase. Just long-press on the text and choose whether you want to read the meaning or listen to it.
  • What if you want to test your reading skills? Hide the translation and read only in one language. 
  • Answers the quizzes at the end of the text to know how much you understood. 
  • Use the app online and offline. Once you open any text, it will be downloaded and saved in favorites. You can read it offline even when your internet is off. 
  • Change to dark mode if you prefer to read at night and want to save your eyes from the glaring screen.
  • You can change the chosen language only during the first 30 minutes of using the app. To change it again, you will need to upgrade to a premium subscription. 

Beelinguapp Pricing 

The app is available for free download. You can start reading the free articles, books, news pieces, etc., for free. You do need to sign in by creating a free account. Currently, the app lets you sign in using your Google, Facebook, and Apple accounts.

There are in-app purchases to become a premium subscriber. This allows you to access all the content and features of the app. The premium version also doesn’t have any ads to disturb your learning process. The premium charges for the app range from Rs. 111/- to Rs. 3,350/- per item. 

Where to download Beelinguapp?

BeelinguApp | Android | Play Store, Free

BeelinguApp | IOS|  AppleApp | Free

Final Conclusion 

Learn any of the 14 languages anytime you want. Make use of flashcards to learn new vocabulary and practice using it in your speech. Let audiobooks and music help you become proficient in another language at your own pace. From kids’ books to classics, read any book, depending on your convenience and learning skills. 

You don’t need to find someone who knows the language to test your progress. Beelinguapp offers everything you need to master your favorite language. Our team is intent on learning as many as five languages. Let’s see how they converse with each of them, learning a different language.