Interesting Review of Asus Innovative Two-Screen Laptop

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Did you hear about the two-screen laptop?

Asus has never been shy about experimenting with technology and bringing about innovation. Their latest revolution is the ZenBook Duo laptop boasting a huge secondary screen right below their primary one. This is a part of an industry-wide effort to experiment with multiple displays. The newly launched ZenBook Pro Duo costs Rs.2,09,990, whereas the ZenBook Duo costs Rs.89,990 in India.


How Is The Second Screen Useful?

The brand envisions that this innovation is going to empower India’s creative individuals like content creators, passionate gamers and corporate clan to disengage from numerous screens and to improve efficiency through a single, integrated creation.

Say, you could have Chrome and Photoshop on your primary display while WhatsApp or Spotify occupying the secondary one.

What Does Asus ZenBook Duo Offer?


The primary screen has a 14-inch FHD display and the secondary screen boasts about half the width of the primary display.

2.Secondary Screen

The second screen, called ScreenPad Plus, is a touchscreen unit supporting stylus input.

3. Performance

Powered with a 10th-Gen Intel, the laptop is paired with 16GB RAM and 1 TB of high-speed SSD storage.

USB type-A and type-C ports give a good variety of connectivity.

The device supports Windows Hello via face unlock.

Possible Drawbacks of Asus ZenBook Duo

• ScreenPad Plus pushes the keyboard down at the end, leaving no room for hand rest. It may get difficult to use the side trackpad with the hand hanging.
• The secondary display is below average in terms of brightness and contrast ratio.
• The secondary screen looks washed out because of poor viewing angles.

The innovation may re-define how the laptop should look like and work.

Will the ZenBook Duo series change the rules of the laptop market?