AshoreApp Review:- Easy and Mobile-Friendly Online Proofing Software

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Working on a creative project for a client requires going back and forth with details until the final version is exactly how they wanted it. Each time you send a file to a client, they will review it, suggest changes, mark areas, and ask for improvements. Then, they have to send the edited file back to you so that you can work on those suggestions. 

Just imagine how many versions of the same file will have to be saved. It can quickly become confusing, not to mention the additional disk space required to save files from each revision cycle. It takes no time at all to generate email threads a mile long, and there is a very real chance you could miss a crucial note from your client. 

What Makes Ashore Special? 


Ashore is a powerful proofing software that both freelancers and enterprises can harness to improve project review and approval. In fact, Ashore is a white-label software, allowing enterprises and agencies to replace the logo and branding of the app with their own. This increases their credibility among the clients by making Ashore appear as their own proprietary software.

Features of Ashore – Online Proofing Tool

You might wonder what a proofing tool can do. This software offers an array of features that streamline the communication between you and your client, keeping projects both on schedule and in budget. And, guess what? Your clients don’t have to log in or create an account anywhere. By clicking on a link, they are able to review, make notes, and suggest changes, and you’ll be notified of all proof activity. 


1.Tracking and Follow-Up

A project timeline let’s you know how things are progressing — as long as you remember to update it. Ashore does that for you. Each time you send a proof, receive feedback or decisions, start a new workflow stage, or send a new version, it is recorded in the timeline. You can directly export a PDF version of this timeline for your own records after the conclusion of each project.  

What if the client forgot to approve the proof? Don’t worry. Ashore will automatically send them a reminder to check the latest version and give their feedback, and you have total flexibility to decide when these reminders are sent out. 


2.Simplifying Workflows

Bigger projects have multiple clients. What if a team of people has to approve a proof? That’s not an issue either. Ashore will automate the process once you set the sequence in which the proof has to be sent to each approver. Add as many workflow stages and as many people to each stage as you need. You can still make changes to the sequence even after sending the proof. 

3.Organize Proofs 

As you take up more projects, it gets rather hard to keep track of each one. Simply create folders for each project with a customizable tagging system. Sort by client, date, project type and more. In the proof archive, you can also filter proofs based on their status of completion. 

4.Reusable Email Templates 

Instead of writing an email out every time you share a proof,  Ashore allows you to create and save templates. Template variables allow Ashore to autofill details such as company name, client name, project name, and more. You just need to add the main ID and hit send. 


Your client doesn’t need to be glued to their desktop or laptop to review proofs on Ashore. The software will work on any smartphone and tablet. No matter where they are, they can review files, make comments and give approval decisions. . 

6.Additional Security 

Ashore offers you the option to add an extra layer of assurance to your project. Create a checklist of requirements that a client must acknowledge before submitting their approval decision. This ensures that clients have thoroughly reviewed the most important aspects of a project before signing off on it. 



On your dashboard, you’ll be able to see everything you need to know about your projects at a glance. Quickly see which projects are awaiting feedback, which have been approved or not approved, and which projects are overdue. You can also view analytics about your approval process such as approval rates and average number of revisions per project.  

8.API and Zapier Integration 

What if you want API access? Enterprises find it easier to work with an API, right? Ashore allows API access for an additional price of $50 per month for their Enterprise Plan. For businesses with less capacity, you can integrate this proofing software with almost any tool using Zapier

AshoreApp Pricing 

The company provides four price plans to choose from.

  • The free trial is available for 2 weeks. It allows only one user and doesn’t offer whitelabeling capabilities. 

👉   Unlimited reviewers, Send 50 files, 12 Month file retention, 2GB image upload limit per file, (IMG, PDF, DOC, VIDEO, AUDIO, HTML AND WEB PROOFING), Branded for Ashore

  • The Freelancer Plan allows you to upload your logo. It costs $45/month.

👉   1 user, Unlimited reviewers, Send 150 files/month, 12 Month file retention, 2GB image upload limit per file, Integrate your Email (IMAGE, DOC, PDF, HTML AND WEB PROOFING

  • The Design Team Plan allows up to 5 users and lets you send 300 files each month. It is priced at $95/month. 

👉   Unlimited reviewers, 12 Month file retention, 2GB image upload limit per file, (IMAGE, DOC, PDF, HTML AND WEB PROOFING) and upload your logo

  • The Enterprise Plan costs $165/month without API access. You can have unlimited subusers, remove Ahsore from the email footer, and Whitelabel your proof domain. You’ll have to pay $225/month to gain API access with this plan. 

👉   Unlimited reviewers, send unlimited files, 24 Month file retention, 2GB image upload limit per file,(IMG, PDF, DOC, VIDEO, AUDIO, HTML AND WEB PROOFING), Integrate your Email, upload your logo, no-reply email address.

Regardless of plan, Ashore allows you to have unlimited approvers (the clients who review your proofs).

Final Conclusion 

Issues like confusing email threads, manual client follow-up, lack of storage space, missed feedback, miscommunication, and all the other project roadblocks you encounter will no longer delay your projects.  

Ashore has become a reliable tool for freelancers and agencies alike. It is simple and easy to use for your own team as well as clients. Imagine all the things you’ll have to do once you’ve mastered the project review and approval process.