Art Text 4 Review 2020 | Is it really worth the hype?

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With graphic design being the latest trend in the market, the good old text designs are not cutting it anymore. Graphics designers are always on the lookout for dramatic text styles with appealing special effects that draws people in. Art Text s is the perfect place for graphic design professionals as well as amateurs on MacOS to get into the beautiful world of text effects and typography graphics.


Know more about their exciting features of Art Text 4

  • Huge selection of Text design templates: With Art Text at your side, you can have a limitless array of text design templates at your fingertips. You can either use them as they are, or you can also modify them according to your requirements. Art Text 4 offers the required bandwidth to customize their text templates.
  • Well-designed UI: They have a crisp and well-structured UI that maximizes its effectiveness by getting rid of inconsequential details. It also aids in smooth workflow due to its minimalistic and intuitive interface.
  • Versatile textures: The vast assortment of textures that Art Text provides, are all scalable and work seamlessly irrespective of the size of the text. One can also play around with the template colors without affecting the style color balance.
  • Stunning 3D text: The app has impressive photo-realistic textures, combining textures with bump and reflection map effects enhance the natural look of your 3D typography graphics. You can also control its 3D text appearance by changing thickness, depth and light properties.

What are your benefits?

  • Create your own styles: Art Text offers a wide selection of templates, objects and effect presets that user can use to create unique text design. More experienced users will easily create their own text effects and styles.
  • Get realistic textures: Font distortion effects alter the font shape beyond regular font options, such as worn out text sides or random holes. Combining distortion effects and amazing paint and watercolor textures creates true to life hand drawn typography. Stains and drops objects add a realistic touch to your watercolor typography.
  • Experiment with Environment Lighting: You can go for more customizations and make your 3D texts more realistic by experimenting with the light direction and the level of texture detail. It can modify your general design altogether and add to its brilliance.

Final Conclusion

Art Text 4 priced at $29.99, for this price you get all the design tools and 180+ text design templates. Those who want more design inspiration and templates to start with can buy additional 220+ templates via in-app purchase. You can also opt for 100 additional fonts pack for only $9.99.