Aravenda Review: Fully Integrated Consignment Software for Shopify POS 

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eCommerce is a growing industry around the globe. Online purchases are done through marketplaces and social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. At the same time, business owners also have to manage in-person sales at their brick-and-mortar stores. While there are various software applications available for eCommerce businesses, choosing the right software can make all the difference. 

Furthermore, the software should be compatible with the default eCommerce platform you use. For example, Shopify is the most-used eCommerce platform in the international market. Using software built for Shopify will streamline and automate the process to help you handle consignments, inventory, payments, invoices, etc. 


Aravenda has been in the consignment industry for years and aims to provide an all-in-one web-based solution for consignment and reselling businesses. The company knows that each reseller is different and requires different features. It also provides client onboarding and training services to ensure that businesses have a smooth migration from their existing software to Aravenda. 


The software can be integrated with Shopify POS and Loyal Shops. Third-party integrations are also available for social media promotions. The company offers 24*7 customer service and is well-known for its friendly support team. 

Features of Aravenda Software 

1.) Inventory Management 

The platform lets resellers manage and track their inventory from multiple locations. The web-based app can be used on different devices, making it easy to stay up to date at all times. No more worrying about low stock at the last minute. 

2.) Shipping Cost 

The shipping costs vary based on the destination and the weight of the package. The software calculates the shipping costs by using the item’s weight as a default factor. 

3.) Product Details 

Aravenda allows resellers to add photos of the products that are ready for sale. The photo is automatically displayed along with other details of the product, such as the price, condition, sizes, etc., all in a single dropdown. 

4.) Integrate with Marketplaces 

The software can be integrated with Amazon, eBay, Google, Walmart, Poshmark, etc. so that the products in the inventory can be automatically listed on the sites through the reseller’s account. Product details like photos, pricing, etc., will be automatically posted on the marketplaces. 

5.) Business Listing 

The business will be listed on 100+ directories globally. It will show up in text and voice search on search engines. Aravenda also helps with SEO. 

6.) Payment Gateway Integrations 

The software can be integrated with PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Google Pay, Apple Pay, American Express, Discover, etc., to facilitate payments and streamline them through the same account. 

7.) Shipping Partner Integrations 

Aravenda is the only reseller and consignment software that offers automated solutions for inbound shipping. Consignors can easily send their items without wasting time on paperwork. 

8.) Shopify Specials 

From creating Shopify Storefronts to merchant account integrations, Aravenda offers exclusive features to increase business visibility on Shopify. 

Reasons to Use Aravenda Consignment Software 

Aravenda helps every person involved in the process of reselling. For example, 

➢ Resellers (business owners) can simplify the workflow and automate recurring processes. They can also track the performance of employees using the employee metrics feature. 

➢ Employees use the web-based app to process orders, invoices, and more. They don’t have to spend time completing paperwork and uploading it to the computers. 

➢ Consignors (suppliers) can request shipping labels through the software. The details will be automatically updated to clear payouts.  


➢ Clients/ buyers can shop whenever they want and make payments through integrated gateways. 

Aravenda Pricing 

Aravenda offers three price plans to cater to businesses of varying sizes. It provides a 20% discount on the annual subscription of all plans. 


• One Location/ Website: $10/ day ($269 per month) 

• Two Locations/ Websites: $15/ day ($379 per month) 

• Three+ Locations/ Websites: $20/ day ($489 per month) 

The plans offer unlimited consignors, automated payouts, unlimited inventory, one-click posting on social media, integrated price assistant, payment gateway integration, training & support services, remote entries and tags, and an intuitive dashboard. 

Data conversion and backups and Shopify Storefront web development come for an additional cost, depending on the client’s requirements. 

Pros & Cons 


✓ User-friendly interface 

✓ Friendly and competent customer service

✓ The software is regularly updated with new features 

✓ Easy to learn and use the dashboard 

✓ Versatile and scalable 


✗ The pricing is a bit expensive for startups

Final Words 

The team at Aravenda constantly works on improving the software and adds new features regularly. From allowing multiple user logins to providing price assistance, the platform has a lot to offer. 

Use Aravenda on any operating system or browser and track the business 24*7. Contact Aravenda’s support team to schedule a demo. The company also offers a free trial of the software.