Apple’s Mac Pro Can Cost You More Than a Luxury Car

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The new Apple Mac Pro is officially here: dare to behold the $50k computer

Are you ready for it?

The new Apple Mac Pro is finally available with the new “cheese grater” case with no less than eight PCI Express expansion slots.


The long-awaited desktop computer from the tech giant is the top-of-the-line version of Apple’s computer line. However, this launch has left every aspirant overwhelmed. You would soon understand why we see a luxury car being actually cheaper.

What Does the Base Model Look Like?

Now if we look at the base model, it comes with an 8-core Intel Xeon W CPU running at 3.5 GHz, 32GB of RAM, AMD Radeon Pro 580X graphics and a meagre 256 GB of SSD storage. Yes. And that’s all for $6000. This leaves us wondering how much it will take to upgrade and label it like a Pro version with some acceptable specs.

What Would Apple Mac Pro Upgrade Cost?

The Mac Pro went on sale on Apple’s website earlier this week. But nobody thought the prices will shoot up this way. So, if you were to max out to get the all-new Apple Mac Pro, it can leave you with a heavy heart and probably burnt pockets. With 28-core 2.5 GHz Intel processor, 1.5 TB of memory, 4 TB of storage, and two 32 GB graphics cards, this top-of-the-line machine would cost you a whopping $50,199, before taxes.

Also, if you want to add the extra maxed out specs like a Pro Display XDR, stand, nano-texture glass to mention some, Apple’s top-of-the-line computer’s cost will shoot as high as $59,748.

Now, you can easily get an entry-level luxury car like a BMW or a Mercedes at a cheaper price tag! Isn’t this astounding?

What do you say?

Is the upgrade worth the hot price tag?