Apple TV + Free Subscriptions Will Extend Through February 2021

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Apple TV Plus Free Subscriptions extended

Tech giants Apple announced a little surprise for customers of their video streaming platform Apple TV Plus on October 8th 2020. All registered users on the platform are set to receive free subscription packages until February 2021.

Even the customers whose free 12-month free subscription packages are set to expire after November 1st 2020 or even February 1st 2021, will enjoy free services till next February. The monthly charges for these services are $4.99. Users will only be required to pay this billing amount from the end of February next year.

Users still have the option to cancel their steaming accounts but doing so doesn’t make any sense. Why would any user want to miss out on Apple TV Plus’s 40+ originals, when they’re available for free? The tech giant has been trying out many tricks to attract more users to the platform. First, they offered 12-month free streaming services for all Apple customers who made recent purchases. If a user purchases an iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, or Apple TV, they can qualify for this discount.

But, to make the most of the free services until February 2021, users should wait until their free period is over. The company allows users three months’ time to access the 12-month free streaming offer.

Apple has been tight-lipped about subscription numbers on its Apple TV Plus platform. Some analysts are suggesting that these discounts are indications of a decreasing subscriber count. Many experts even suspect that most active users on the streaming platform are only there to use the free offers.

In February 2020, Apple TV Plus boasted a decent subscriber count of 10 million. That’s considerably less than the 56 million subscribers Apple’s main rivals Amazon reportedly have for their video streaming platform. These discount packages will certainly draw more users to Apple TV Plus.