Apple Music cuts free period from 3 months to 1 month

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Apple Music
Image Source:- Apple Music

Apple Music now offers only a one-month free trial instead of three months. It’s the first time Apple has changed its free trial period so now you have to decide whether you have to subscribe for Apple Music streaming services.

Apple Music entered the market in 2015 as a competitor to Spotify and similar music apps. The company has been offering a free trial of three months before users decided whether they wanted to sign up or not. Now, it appears that the trial period has been cut down to just one month. 

It’s interesting to note that Apple hasn’t made any official announcement about this new development. Mac Otakara, a Japanese blogger, was the first one to notice this change and post an update. The change is applicable in all the 150+ countries where Apple Music has subscribers. 

A Longer Free Trial 

Apple Music has two free trial plans for new users. Though you can choose only one trial plan with one user ID, you can get up to six months free when you buy Apple products such as AirPods, HomePod Mini, and Beats headphones (or the listed limited-time products by Apple). 

The six months free trial plan hasn’t been changed, so those looking to buy these products can look forward to it and make the most of it. 

No Clarity Yet 

Coming back to the now one-month free trial, we are yet to know whether this is applicable only for new users or if that availing of the three-month free trial will also be affected. Given the general nature of such changes in plans, the existing users should remain unaffected. 

New users who are signing up for the free trial will get notified that they will get “1 month free, then $9.99/month”.

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