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Intel 5G modem business bought by apple

Image Source:– Intel

In the recent week, there have been reports of Apple that it was in advancement with the Intel regarding the smartphone mode in business and it has finally announced that it is going to acquire the business for around 7000 crores. It has been agreed upon that about 2200 of the Intel employees will be joining the company of Apple as the year 2019 is coming to an end. Apart from the core Talent group of Intel, Apple will also be able to hold around 17000 patents that range from protocols of cellular standard as well as the intricacies of modem operation.


Intel will be able to develop the modems but it will be supervised by apple as the all-round process will be under the strict surveillance of the company. It will also be able to develop the modems for the non-smartphone applications which is inclusive of the personal computers as well as the autonomous vehicles.

Intel authority is saying that they are confident about the brand of apple and they will provide the talented team for the correct environment if the deal ends on a positive note. It also wants to give the best efforts when it comes to serving the global customer base. This will emphasize on the network operations, telecommunications department as well as the cloud service providers with the correct synchronisation with Apple.

Formerly, it has been seen that Apple hardly invests more on startups. It focuses mostly on the small companies but Intel has been making an exception out of the same. Apple has been able to sign the contract until 2025 with an extension of two years. The physician has taken place mostly because of the deal that has been signed between Apple and Qualcomm and till date it Angel has been a major supplier of the modems for iPhone.