Apple’s pick of the top 15 apps at the App Store

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Apple best 15 apps
Image Source:– Apple

On 2nd December 2020, tech giant Apple Inc. announced the App Store Best Winners for the year. These are 15 apps that have been recognized for their superior quality. The criteria were many. Top-notch excellence, innovativeness and unicity, user interactivity, and superlative designing were foremost.

Apple’s move is to distinguish the creative and innovative abilities of developers worldwide, who put in their concerted efforts, day after day, to come up with path-breaking apps that make a difference in the lives of the users.

Phil Schiller, Apple Fellow remarked that these 15 apps are the perfect examples of how technology has significantly impacted the target niche’s lives. 

Here is the list of Apple’s top picks from its App Store for the year 2020:

A. Best apps 

• iPad app of the year – Zoom, video conferencing app

• iPhone app of the year – Wakeout, created by developer Andres Canella, a fitness app

• Mac app of the year – Fantastical, a calendar app developed by Flexibits

• Apple TV of the year – Disney+.

B. Best Games

• iPhone Game of the year – Genshin Impact, developed by miHoYo.

• iPad Game of the year – Legends of Runeterra, from Riot Games.

• Mac Game of the year – Disco Elysium, from ZA/UM.

• Apple TV Game of the year – Dandara Trials of Fear, developed by Long Hat House.

• Apple Arcade Game of the Year – Sneaky Sasquatch, developed by RAC7.

C. The best Apple Watch of the Year was Endel 

D. Best App for 2020 on App Store India has gone to Sleep Stories for Calm Sleep & Meditation by Wysa.

E. App Trends of 2020 were also announced

• Shine is an app helping end-users learn how to care for the self.

• Caribu, an app that helps people connect

• Pokemon GO from Ninantic 

• ShareTheMeal helps feed needy kids around the globe.