AppDrag Review – Online Website Development Platform with Drag & Drop Feature

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A software development company needs to stay on its feet, ready to upgrade the systems at a moment’s notice. But is it really possible to do so? Cost is a major factor, and so is the talent pool. 

The main reason enterprises are moving to cloud platforms is to create a flexible and scalable business system. Software companies and developers need to stay one step ahead when it comes to technology. 

The easier it becomes to build and deploy apps (without compromising on quality), the better it would be for the businesses. That’s where AppDrag comes into the picture. 

Overview of AppDrag

Appdrag is a website design and development platform with drag and drop editor for customization. Create your website or blog in minutes using the pre-built templates, Landing pages/Web Forms.


Choose design, customize and publish your website with Appdrag – Cloud Development Platform.

The platform automates the development processes to shorten the cycle, save money, and optimize resources. AppDrag helps and supports your employees in forming teams and collaborating to build and deploy high-quality web apps. The company also offers training and support services throughout the process.  

AppDrag offers multiple services such as cloud CMS, IT infrastructure and security, cloud database backup and storage, and email marketing. The best part is that it is an open-source platform that gives full freedom to developers. 

Let’s see the products and services offered by AppDrag in detail. 

Products and Services of Appdrag   

Cloud Database: Fully scalable database hosted on the cloud and provided with REST API. Add custom fields, edit and update the data, and share it with others. AppDrag lets you choose between read-only sharing and write access sharing for data security. Create backups and import files whenever you want. 

Cloud CMS: Get access to the code editor, page builder, server-side analytics, and blogs to effectively create web apps. 

Cloud API: Forget in-house servers and maintenance. Choose AppDrag’s serverless cloud function with AWS Lambda technology. Create backups, schedule tasks, get data metrics, and more. 

Cloud VM: AppDrag is working on Cloud Virtual Machines and is set to release them soon. 

Email Marketing: Use various templates to build newsletters, customize the layout and design, send emails to as many people as you want, and eye on the statistics through the interactive dashboard. 

Team Control: Monitor, manage and streamline the team’s performance using the team control. AppDrag is going to release it soon into the market. 

Integrations: Integrate AppDrag with more than 1500 apps to automate your work and become highly productive. Check out the integrations page on the website for more information. 

Train employees to create the web apps your clients exactly want. AppDrag can help you reduce development costs up to 55% and maintenance costs up to 95%. 


AppDrag has a simple yet effective pricing structure. You can opt for the services individually and choose plans based on your requirements, or you can go for the packages that combine all products and services.

👉  Business Packages for Web Apps:  

  • Freelance- $50/month (for annual pricing); 8 pro websites, 100,000 translated characters, and no whitelabel 
  • Agency- $150/month (for annual pricing); 25 pro websites, 250,000 translated characters, and full whitelabel
  • Corporation- $300/month (for annual pricing); 75 pro websites, 500,000 translated characters, and full whitelabel

👉  Individual Packages: 

1.Cloud CMS: 

  • Free (Trail version)- 8 pages, 500MB bandwidth and 500MG storage with 2-factor authentication, and AWS hosting
  • Starter- $10/month; 30 pages, 10GB bandwidth and 5GB storage, custom domain, SEO optimizer, 2-factor authentication, and AWS hosting
  • Pro- $25/month; unlimited pages, 25GB bandwidth and 10GB storage, custom domain, SEO optimizer, eCommerce, 2-factor authentication, and AWS hosting
  • Enterprise- flexible and customized plans for every organization; gets all features of Pro plan along with single sign-on and Whitelabel 

2.Cloud Database: 

  • It follows the same pricing model as Cloud CMS. The free version doesn’t offer daily backup, doesn’t perform recurring tasks, and doesn’t have a single sign-on and Whitelabel. 

3. Email Marketing: 

  • There is no free version for email marketing services. 
  • The starter plan is priced at $15/month and allows up to 10 newsletters, 15,000 emails, and 1GB storage. 
  • The Pro plan costs $40/month and allows up to 25 newsletters, 50,000 emails, and 5GB storage.
  • Contact the support team to create a customized enterprise plan for email marketing. 

Final Conclusion 

You don’t have to stop at web development and search for another third-party service provider to handle marketing and sales. AppDrag offers various services so that you can rely on only one service provider to effectively manage your business. 

Save time, money, and resources for your enterprise without compromising on the quality of web apps your team builds. Work together with experts and enrich your talent pool. Transform your business and expand it into new markets.