AKKO Review 2024: Budget-Friendly Phone Insurance for Everyone

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AKKO - Phone Insurance

Smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc., are a part of our lives. We cannot imagine navigating the current world without devices to help us. With such importance being attributed to smart devices, it makes sense to protect them with insurance. After all, getting a smartphone repaired is not easy on the pocket. 

AKKO is a third-party insurance provider that caters to electronic devices like smartphones, digital cameras, tablets, laptops, videogame consoles and equipment, smart devices, and much more. 

Let’s review AKKO’s phone insurance plans to understand why it is the best insurer in the market in this niche. 

What is AKKO? 

AKKO is an insurance company that offers coverage to protect electronic and non-electronic items. From phones to scooters to books, you can use AKKO to insure items you use every day. The company is famous for providing budget-friendly insurance plans. 

The basic phone insurance by AKKO can protect the device from theft, accidental damage, cracked screens, malfunctioning, spillage, and more. Even the manufacturer’s warranty doesn’t offer this level of protection. Furthermore, it is super easy to file a claim and get the money. 

Who Should Buy AKKO Phone Insurance?

Generally speaking, anyone who owns expensive gadgets should insure them to be on the safe side. Many manufacturers provide insurance to cover the devices they sold to their customers. However, it can be expensive and stressful to handle multiple insurance policies with different manufacturers. AKKO makes it easy by protecting your electronic and non-electronic items under a single plan. 

Buy AKKO insurance plans if, 

  • You want to save money on device protection
  • You use the devices heavily and save confidential information in them 
  • You are a student or a parent looking to protect multiple gadgets 
  • You cannot afford to spend hundreds and thousands of money on electronics 

Reasons to Choose AKKO Insurance 

1.) Coverage 

The phone insurance plan protects your device from the following: 

  • Liquid spills and submersion 
  • Cracked screens
  • Theft 
  • Theft due to car break-ins 
  • Electrical and mechanical failures 
  • Accidental damage (dropped phone, etc.)

The coverage applies not just to phones but also to other electronic gadgets, depending on the plan you choose. If you opt for monthly plans, you have the advantage of upgrading the plan or switching it off temporarily for a month or two. 

2.) Backup 

What should you do if you want additional protection for your devices? Use AKKO’s backup services. The full coverage or AKKO Plan provides coverage for up to $2000 per incident. You can file more than one claim if the need arises. AKKO’s plans allow you to choose a deductible between $29 and $99, based on your budget. 

3.) Repairs and Replacements 

AKKO provides two options to file a claim. You can get the phone repaired (read T&C) and send them the details after you pay for it. Or you can first file a claim and ask them to directly pay for the repairs. 

4.) Value for Money 

AKKO ensures that its insurance plans are budget-friendly. The monthly insurance for a phone starts at $5. Though the plans cover only one phone, you can opt for a bundle/ family plan if you have more than one. Choosing multiple plans will make you eligible for a discount. Cool, right? 

AKKO Pricing 

AKKO has four insurance plans in total, two for individual users and two for families. 

Akko Pricing

→ Individual Plans (Phone Only: $5 to $12 per month) Save up to 15% paying annually!

✅ covers one phone

✅ $29-$99 deductible

✅ Accidental damage

✅ Parts & battery failures 

✅ Theft

✅ Replacement cost of your phone 

✅ Unlimited claims

The AKKO Plan: $14 per month (Everything Protected) Save up to 33% paying annually!

✅ covers one phone and 24 other items (Total 25 items)

✅ $29-$99 deductible.

✅ Accidental damage

✅ Phone parts & battery failures

✅ Theft

✅ Up to $2,000 per claim


Phone Only: 5% discount on multiple plans (Starting from $6 per month)

Full Accidental Damage + Theft Coverage

The AKKO Plan: 

✅ Starts at $12 per month for students and $15 per month for others

✅ Protects one phone and all other electronic items

✅ Additional 5% discount on multiple plans. 

Pros and Cons 


  • Separate plans for individuals and families 
  • Easy registration 
  • Fast claim processing 
  • Affordable pricing 
  • Reliable customer service 


  • T&C can be tricky 

To Sum Up 

AKKO phone insurance company has gained acclaim for being user-friendly in processing claims and settling the amounts. The customer care team is responsive and efficient. Signing up is also easy but make sure to read the terms and conditions carefully. 

Some users felt that the company asks for too many pictures of the phone, but that shouldn’t be a problem. AKKO’s plans are suitable and affordable for those with several gadgets and equipment. It sure is convenient to pay less than $20 per month to cover 25 items.