Advanced Google Shopping Feed for eCommerce Retailers by Adwords Robot

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Google Shopping Feed

Being a retailer is a tough job, isn’t it? And what if you’ve got to manage your online and offline business at the same time? It gets even hard. Sharing a list of your products along with their variants is a time-consuming task. Not to mention updating this list with every purchase! 

Whether you use Shopify, Google Merchant, or another platform to sell your products, you’ll need to create a product feed for millions of users to view. You’ll need to place ads as a part of the marketing campaign. The product feed is an essential part of your online business. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an app take care of this for you? 

Google Shopping Feed has been developed by the AdWords Robot team and is one of the best apps in the market to generate and manage your product feed. The app has a whopping 4.9 stars from 266 reviewers. 

The company offers reliable customer support to help you set up and use the app. However, the team takes one business day to respond due to the difference in time zones. 

Features of Advanced Google Shopping Feed 

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What makes Google Shopping Feed a worthy app that has such a good rating on the App Store? Let’s look at the features, shall we? 

  • The app requires no complex setup for it to work. You need to install the app. You will receive a Google Shopping feedin XML format in several minutes (depending on the number of products). If you have less than 10,000 products on your list, it’ll take only 15-30 minutes to generate the URL for your feed.
  • The feed is updated every day. The app also ensures that you don’t place ads for a product that’s not in stock. All products that are out of stock will be tagged as such. 
  • The app allows you to generate a feed for each currency/country. This way you can advertice in local currencies in multiples countries. This does require Shopify’s checkout, which support multiple currencies. Other App which do conversion will not work with Google Shopping.
  • This app also works with Langify, Translation Lab AI or Helium by WeGlot to have feed translated in local languages. This way you can increase conversion rates in other countries.
  • The feed will show all variants of the product. The different colors, sizes, materials, weights, etc., are listed in Google Shopping. Not only that, every variant will have an image for easy identification. This will greatly increase the number of impressions.
  • The titles of the products can be extended to include features like size, color, type, etc. 
  • What if you want to add custom labels? You can do that too. Add labels of your choice, use Google Product Category to tag the products, and do much more right from the app. 
  • The app mainly deals with Google Merchant and Google Shopping. That said, you can still set up ads for Bing Shopping and Facebook Shopping. 

Do remember that the app can currently accept feeds with products limited to 200,000 plus all their variants. If you have more products to sell, you can contact their customer care.


The app is priced at $7 per month. You can go for the 14-day free trial before subscribing to the paid version. If you have more than 7000 products (variants are free), you will pay $1 per extra 1000 products. 

Extra feeds (currency or languages) do cost a little extra. You can also get a CSV feed next to your XML feed, this also adds a little to the price.

Final Conclusion 

Google Shopping Feed user-friendly app for retailers and eCommerce business owners to create a product feed for Google Shopping and other platforms. Place ads, spread the news about your business in different countries around the world, and increase sales. 

With various customization options, you can streamline your retail business in no time. Attract customers, generate sales, and double your profits by including the Google Shopping Feed app as a part of your business tools.