Reviewing the Highly-Rated AdPlayer.Pro – How Does It Help Businesses?

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Video advertising is on its steep rise, and many publishers of quality inventory are hoping to monetize it with video ads, too, hence needing a powerful ad-enabled video player to equip their websites or apps with.

This is actually why many of these publishers are currently turning to AdPlayer.Pro, an international provider of an entire ecosystem of outstream video advertising solutions.

Founded in 2016, AdPlayer.Pro is a provider of advanced video advertising solutions for publishers, advertisers, agencies and brands & enterprise clients. 


AdPlayer.Pro at a Glance

● Company Name – AdPlayer.Pro

● Product Name – AdPlayer.Pro

● Founded in – 2016

● Deployment Type – SaaS

● Website –

● Headquarters – Kyiv, Ukraine

● Payment model– Cost per thousand impressions (CPM) 

The flagship company’s products include:

● Ad-enabled video player 

● Outstream solution for publishers

● Video ad server

● Video hosting platform

● Outstream ad marketplace

● White label solution for enterprises

The scope of AdPlayer.Pro products enables all players working on the online video advertising market to resolve their key tasks and achieve their business goals faster and easier.

Namely, publishers of editorial inventory usually utilize the AdPlayer.Pro outstream player to generate more advertising revenue, by adding an incremental, video ad revenue stream to their existing ad stack.

The ad-enabled video player tech, offered by AdPlayer.Pro is lightweight, easy-to-configure and includes a wide range of ad-specific features, hence enabling the fast integration and setup of video ads into their web and app properties, and ensuring flawless ad delivery on all screens.  

More importantly, AdPlayer.Pro is free to use for publishers who monetize their inventory directly with the company’s demand partners. 

Key Features of AdPlayer.Pro

Adplayer-Pro Features

1.Feature-rich HTML5 video player with advertising capabilities

AdPlayer.Pro video ad player is compliant with the top video ad standards that publishers have to abide by, including VAST / VPAID, and Google IMA. The lightweight, responsive HTML5 player supports a wide range of outstream and instream video ad formats and ensures the flawless delivery of video ads on all platforms (including desktop and mobile web, as well as mobile apps).

The player is also compliant with any third-party ad serving tech. 

2. Painfree configuration & integration

The player logic and appearance, as well as ad waterfall settings are easy to configure either via a platform dashboard, or directly on a publisher’s website, by customizing the player JS code parameters. 

API-enabled player setup is also supported.

3. Robust video ad server

The AdPlayer.Pro video ad server has a robust functional core, wrapped in the intuitive user interface, which enables to easily:

● configure and optimize video ad campaigns, 

● integrate various third-party demand types (VAST/VPAID, Google IMA, Header bidding (prebid.js), OpenRTB, Yandex SDK, local file, XML),  and

● take leverage from detailed reporting & analytics capabilities.

The company is also offering a fully-customizable whitelabel solution, and has recently launched its reseller program. 

4. Powerful video hosting capabilities

AdPlayer.Pro provides video hosting capabilities to its platform users, as well as a hosting-only option. The pricing is exceptionally moderate, compared to packages, offered by other vendors, and implies bandwidth-based payment, i.e. users need to pay only for outgoing traffic used. 

In addition, all users of AdPlayer.Pro video hosting get a certain amount of cloud storage space for free, and may also purchase more space when it’s needed.

AdPlayer.Pro Pricing

Based on the number of impressions, you can choose any of the six pricing packages:-

1M Impressions – $0.15 CPM

10M+ Impressions – $0.12 CPM

100M+ Impressions – $0.10 CPM

500M+ Impressions – $0.05 CPM

Custom Pricing – Get in Touch with AdPlayer.Pro Team


● Super-fast, responsive HTML5 video ad player, fully compliant with third-party ad servers

● Broad video ad formats support, both instream and out-stream

● API-enabled player setup 

● One of the most cost-efficient video ad servers in the market

● Video hosting capabilities

● Customizable whitelabel solution

● Excellent Customer Support


Didn’t face any problems in using AdPlayer.Pro

The key quality of AdPlayer.Pro is that it enables businesses to quickly and flawlessly integrate video ads into their web/app properties. In terms of the video ad platform dashboard UI and core features, it’s the best