7 Reasons Why We Absolutely Love Websavers for Website Hosting

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A lot of people have a tendency to think that their website will be active as soon as they register a domain name. Yes, registering a domain name is the first step, but that alone doesn’t ensure your website is going to be live on the internet. Registering a domain name renders useless without using website hosting services. A web hosting company ensures your website is active and accessible by everyone on the web.

In How Many Ways Does Website Hosting Help?

In simple terms, website hosting is a service that lets organizations or individuals post a website accessible by users of the internet. A web hosting service provider offers the technology and services needed for the website to be accessible on the internet. 

The web hosting service provider stores your entire database such as files, documents, images, videos, assets on the server. When an internet user types your domain name on the browser, your web host transfers all the files as per the request. 

Though a domain name is a must to host your website with a web host, many of them help you with purchasing of the domain names as well. Apart from this, the web host also helps you with technical support, website building tools, the security of your data and database, and your email accounts. Most importantly, a good web host seamlessly serves your content to the users, provide great user experience, and reach out to a maximum number of users across the world.

Most of the web hosts offer different types of website hosting to help you serve depending on your needs. Some of the most common types of website hosting are:

  • Shared website hosting
  • WordPress hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Exchange email hosting

7 Reasons Why We Loved Websavers [Tried & Tested]

Best Web Hosting Company in Canada

The world is evolving at a break-neck pace. With so many web hosting service providers to choose from, we understand it becomes significantly difficult, especially when you have little-to-no knowledge. Having tested the features and services, we found Websavers to be a real lifesaver. Apart from hosting services, Websavers also have a team of consultants who help make website management easier. 

In traditional hosting, you directly own the website and simply upload the files to be accessed from anywhere. This is comparatively cheaper and depends only on the server size, bandwidth, and speed. Open-source tools have made this easier and WordPress has become the most preferred option. 

At Websavers, the hosting control panel is updated constantly so that you can manage your web services at your fingertips. After trying out the demo account, we found the following advantages as Websavers’ biggest strength:

  • Having been in the industry for over ten years, Websavers offer immense experience with answers to all your website hosting issues.
  • Websavers have extremely fast support with highly knowledgeable staff. With a pool of impressive resources, they have a solution for all your issues related to website or email or server administration.
  • With simple solutions for scalability, Websavers believe that your website and business will grow. Hence, your hosting can scale with your growth by offering shared hosting as well as dedicated VPS (Virtual Private Servers).
  • Websavers have become the go-to company for a lot of individuals and businesses as they effortlessly guide you on how to transfer your website, import your database or repair a hacked WordPress installation.
  • If security is your priority, then Websavers is the best place to go. From fixing existing hosting horror stories to prevent your website from being hacked, Websavers have all the security systems and experience. 
  • Websavers provide excellent access control so that you can self-manage all your data. Be it website designing, email management, domain management, you can easily take a back-up, export or delete the data as per your choice
  • No bait-and-switch pricing. You simply need to pay up-front depending on the services needed instead of going through complicated contracts and ambiguous clauses. 

Websavers has its physical server located in Montreal, Canada and uses parity RAID and mirrored RAID as a backup and recovery mechanism. 

From custom-built security solutions to scalable hardware and software, from auto-renewing SSL certificates to incredibly fast site loading times, Websavers has it all. 

Websavers Hosting Plans

Final Words

Websavers offers a holistic web hosting service with a priority focus on user experience, quality of service, the security of data, and powerful access control, all this at unbelievable prices. With thousands of users across the globe, Websavers offers different kinds of hosting depending on your needs – be it shared hosting or Virtual Private Servers or WordPress hosting. Do try Websavers and let us know in the comments section.

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