5 Best Windows Data Recovery Software of 2023

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Digital files have long replaced paper documents and made lives a hundred times more convenient for companies, students, professionals, etc. However, digital files aren’t flawless. At some point, digital files get corrupted or deleted by mistake. Such data loss can be extremely dangerous for businesses.

Data got deleted accidentally? No idea what to do with corrupted data. Windows Data Recovery software restores corrupted, formatted, or accidentally deleted data from internal and external storage devices (USB drives, memory cards, etc.), helps people recover from such crises.

But before we proceed further we want you to try some manual ways of recovering the data.

  1. You can look for the deleted files in the recycle bin folder and restore the files using shift + delete.
  2. If you created a restored point on your system, you can easily recover data from the data of creation.
  3. Data Recovery from backup which might be stored on your hard drive, memory card, pen drive.

Although above methods can help you to recover only limited data and if you are looking to recover unlimited then you can try any of the below tools.

On the basis of the below parameters, we decided to review those data recovery programs for you:-

  • Easy and Simple User Friendly Interface
  • 100% Data Recovery loss in all scenarios
  • Data Recovery software is 100% safe to download
  • Data recovered from all storage devices
  • Excellent reviews

Top 5 Windows Data Recovery Software of 2021 (Get your data back)

Top 5 Windows Data Recovery Software

1. Do Your Data Recovery Software

Do Your Data Recovery Software

Do Your Data is an extremely powerful data recovery software that enables users to retrieve deleted, formatted, or corrupted files from Windows PCs, laptops, and other external storage devices. The data recovery process is fast, safe, and extremely accurate.

Do Your Data operates on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, and XP. The software demands an internal disk space of just 60MB. DoYourData also offers cleaning features. People who have many software or junk files on their devices can benefit a lot from using Do Your Data.

Key Features –

• The tool scans deleted, corrupted, or damaged files in a super-fast manner. Constant scans of the hard drive ensure fast recovery of any accidentally deleted file.

• Recover over four-hundred types of files (images, videos, ZIP files, emails, archives, etc.).

• Retrieve deleted files (even the ones that are not in the Recycle Bin) after accidental system crashes, device failures, etc. The retrieved files are always in perfect condition (no data overwriting) even if the data loss was caused by human error, virus attack, or device crash.

• The free trial period offers ample time for customers to get used to this data recovery tool—one of the finest free file recovery software in the market. 

Verdict: Users must check the free trial version of the Do Your Data software first before committing to any payments.

2. Stellar Data Recovery

Stellar Data Recovery

Stellar is known as one of the best free data recovery software in the market. With Stellar, users can retrieve up to 1 GB of lost data on their Windows devices for free. It retrieves a wide range of file formats with ease.

Key Features

• Stellar’s premium version allows users to retrieve unlimited amounts of data, irrespective of the file format on Windows devices and external storage media.

• Keeps Windows devices crash-proof; deleted data can even be retrieved from encrypted external drives.

• Stellar follows the image-recreation process of data recovery. Users can create copies of their hard disks with this tool to ensure super-fast data recovery.

Verdict: The ‘Professional’ mode of Stellar costs $79.99/year. For individual users, this annual plan is ideal. For office or company-related uses, getting the Stellar Premium pack ($99.99/year) or the Technician pack ($199/year) is recommended.

3. AnyRecover Data Recovery

Any Recovery

AnyRecover is developed by iMyFone Technologies. It is a low-maintenance Windows data recovery tool that’s ideal for users who aren’t tech-savvy. The easy to use AnyRecover tool recovers all file formats and is compatible with all Windows devices.

Key Features –

• Deep scans to discover damaged/corrupted files in the internal storage

• Users can preview files before retrieving them.

• Auto-selection of important files

• Supports over 1000 file formats

• Can recover data from external storage devices (memory cards, camcorders, flash drives, etc.)

• Ensures the recovered files are not corrupt/damaged

Verdict: At $49.95/month, AnyRecover is a cost-effective tool for people who are new to data recovery software.

4. EaseUS Data Recover Wizard

Easeus Data Recovery

The EaseUS Data Recovery tool is one of the most popular Windows file recovery software in the market. There are no recovery disks, and the file recovery processes are completely digital. It’s very easy to use. Additional features like deep scanning and file previewing make the EaseUS tool ideal for first-time users.

Key Features

• Pause and resume deep scans to ensure smooth data recovery processes.

• It only requires 128MB RAM space.

• Preview files before retrieving them.

• Activate ‘SMART’ monitoring to prevent accidental data losses.  

• Supports over a thousand file formats.

• Can retrieve data from all types of situations, including accidental deletion, formatting, Windows crashes, etc.

Verdict: Priced at $69.95/month (basic PRO version), the EaseUS data recovery tool isn’t super-fast, but it surely is super-effective.

5. Tenorshare 4DDIG Windows Data Recovery


Tenorshare is one of the most-used data recovery tools in the market. The tool retrieves over five-hundred different types of deleted/formatted files from Windows devices and external storage devices.

Key Features – 

• Recover files from external storage devices (memory cards, dynamic disks, etc.)

• The file preview option makes data recovery processes very convenient and accurate.

• Users can select the device location where they want to restore their deleted files.

Verdict: Tenorshare has a long track record of creating efficient data recovery tools. Their Windows data recovery tool is one of the best in the market.

Windows users must invest in one of these tools to keep their precious data safe and ‘undeletable’ at all times!