5 Best Tools to create Marketing Videos for the Business

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Starting a company can be easy. Make it grow, no! It is no mystery, in fact, that many small businesses cannot survive in the first five years of existence.

The reasons why a company fails are innumerable and manifold.It could be an erroneous conception of the business plan or the lack of experience on the part of the entrepreneur or perhaps bad management of resources.

Many times, however, the main cause is due to a poor marketing strategy. In fact, many entrepreneurs are unaware of the techniques that can be used to grow their business.

Here I will go into the marketing aspect that is right for me: the video.

Video Marketing has become a fundamental tool for those who have decided to tell a story, show the human side of their business, and communicate their ideas effectively.

To understand the importance of video, just look at these numbers (source Forbes):

– 70% of marketing professionals say that video converts more than anything else.
– 64% of consumers say that after seeing a video, they are more likely to buy a product.
– When a video is included in the mail, the CTR rises by 300%.

Companies think that creating a video to be distributed on social channels is very expensive.I’ll give you the news: it’s just a preconception for lazy people!

Today, thanks to technology, just a few tools are needed to create excellent videos that are able to retain users and generate revenue.

Of course, not everyone can improvise “video-market”. It’s not enough to insert a video on YouTube to see your company grow.

Also, in this case, it takes professionalism, experience, and product quality, as well as knowledge of the web environment.What needs to be done is to engage the public and increase the ROI.Therefore, we need the right skills on both sides: marketing and video.

In this practical guide, we will explore the tools to consider if you want to get your work off the ground.

They are simple platforms that will help you take full advantage of the potential of video marketing.

But let’s start by defining the meaning of the term “Video Marketing” immediately.

Video marketing, as WIKIPEDIA states, is an integrated communication and marketing system designed to increase public involvement through the social activity of a particular video.

In other words, Video Marketing is a tool used by companies to communicate with their customers easily and economically.

Through the use of videos on social channels, the customer is encouraged to give feedback. Furthermore, whenever you have a new product or service, it may be useful to shoot a video!

For example, having a series of video tutorials explaining your product satisfies the customer and encourages him to start a discussion.

If something is not explained in the video, the customer can always ask the company directly in order to build a mutual trust relationship.

Let’s move on to the platforms. Below I have listed a series of tools that will help you create a video in the shortest possible time and without spending so much money.


FlexClip provides a platform that allows users to create great 2D animated videos for free. You can create videos for your business, for your presentations and why not, at school to explain something to the students.

For your business: FlexClip can be used in advertising or for the presentation of your project. You can import your logo and all the images you want in order to personalize the video.

For teachers: I always suggest using the software in schools. With FlexClip, you can promote school programs, teach students, and inform parents to promote school activities.


Powtoon is also a useful tool for creating 2D videos. It has been designed in such a way that even beginners can create professional-looking video presentations.

You can use it to create entertainment videos, demos, or video animations.

PRICE: PowToon has three subscription levels, of which the first is free. This service is very useful because you can try creating your animation before subscribing to the premium level.


Magisto is a free application that transforms your clips and photos into engaging videos.Within 10 minutes, you will receive an email telling you that your video is ready.

In fact, through an Algorithm that uses artificial intelligence, Magisto understands what is happening in the video, takes the best sequences and modifies them to create a perfectly edited video.

Magisto’s strength is that it can really be used by everyone.Even for those who know nothing about assembly.Furthermore, if you have decided to post the video on your YouTube channel, Magisto declares that all the music in its library is licensed.


With Sellamations, you can create fun, engaging videos to communicate your message clearly. All drawings are made using the image of a hand.

It’s a paid site, but it’s definitely perfect for increasing the number of visitors on your channel and making your product/service famous.


Make Web Video is a very useful tool for creating HD animations in just a few minutes. You can choose from a number of pre-set templates and activate them by adding text and animations.

With Make WebVideo, you can create promotional videos, corporate videos, cartoons, slideshows, videos for Mobile App, and much more.
To use it, you only need to:

1) CHOOSE THE TEMPLATE. There are dozens of templates available for each category.

2) INSERT PHOTOS, TEXTS, AND MUSIC. You can choose to change only the text by leaving the original music or change both by uploading the music of your choice.

3) CLICK FOR THE FINAL VIDEO. Yes, you’ve got it right. Your video is finished. To download it, you need to click on “PRODUCE THE VIDEO”, and you’re done. Just wait 10 minutes for the render, and you will be ready to share it on your favorite social networks.

Now that I have shown you in a detailed and concise way that there are tools to help you make engaging marketing videos, do you still think you have excuses to give up using video marketing?