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Increase twitter follower organically

Now Twitter is gaining so much more important than before. This can be considered by the way a shift has been noticed from the brand-centric marketing strategy to what we know as keeping people at the center. This can be certainly one of the best social networks that can be connected with the establishment of the new relationship with influence and probable brand advocates.

But even with an endless amount of networking options that Twitter gives, it’s users the marketers are having a difficult time in being able to increase the list of followers they have. In case you are stressing out and are somehow not able to have enough number of followers yet, here are some of the changes that you can make. These are small twitter strategies that can be of immense help to increase twitter followers.

In case you are struggling to have a look on if you are doing everything right, the changes mentioned below are way better than the non-ethical ways that are sometimes suggested by people. The best ways of gaining genuine followers on the website are to get them engaged with you and do this the organic way.

Here are some ideas that are reliable and will help you to increase twitter followers in an organic manner.

  1. Make a habit of reciprocating:

When you are receiving notification that indicates that someone has started following you, has a look at their Twitter follower. Also, follow them as well. This is one of the tactics that are used commonly by even some of the biggest celebrities and also some of the most influential people around. Another good idea is to interact with celebrities that are on Twitter. This can be done by retweeting on the posts that they had as it will be seen by their other followers as well.

Additionally, there is a who to follow list on Twitter that can also be helpful for gaining followers that belongs to a similar field that you are of. The recommendation by twitter is mainly based on the interest areas and activities that you have. In a scenario where you are able to get these followers, never hesitate by sending across a DM so that they know that their actions are observed and you do pay attention to their opinions.

  1. The Twitter list needs to be created:

There might be difficulties faced with following and talking to a large number of people. There can be numerous, brand influencers and partners on your specific twitter page as well. How will such difference be observed by you and how will you be able to keep a track of all the activities that they do?

One of the simplest solutions is the twitter list. Make sure that you are not including over twenty people in each of the twitter lists as this is going to completely defeat the objective and interaction will be way harder in this manner. Try creating a number of sub-list for the major categories as well.

Also please keep in mind that you are not giving any name to the list as all of the people that you are adding will be receiving a notification with the name that they have been added to. In case you still want to do that, try giving a name that makes people feel good. Now interact with content that people had posted on the twitter list and regularly. Share, comment so that it offers you an opportunity of starting a conversation when one can. 

  1. Initiate a conversation:

Twitter is constantly being updated with all of the new information. There are some of the conversations that surely will relate to the work that your company does, a product or may be related to the brand. Never back out from joining a discussion as such. On some of the specific days of the week, Twitter also conducts chats.  When you will be joining these chats it will be an opportunity for you to enhance your network and eventually help to increase twitter followers.

In case you are using a tweet, in case you are tweeting new information on a certain product, avoid making it to sales-oriented and more personable. Try to ask questions, start contests or maybe take polls. All of these will be truly help with the interaction.

  1. Make use of hashtags for excellent use:

Without a doubt, hashtags will be boosting up the follower number on twitter for you. As you are only getting a total of about 140 character space, you need to sparingly use hashtags.  In each of the posts, about 2 hashtags will be optimum. If you use any more hashtags in your tweet, it will seem spammy. Also, keep searching for the trending tag that is relevant for your work and keeps re-tweeting other users as well. You can also create new hashtags as well for promotion and also an ease for people that want to connect with you and can be important for your specific business. 

  1. Keep in mind the 80/20 rule:

 One of the main reason that people will follow you is that your followers want to read your tweets so that they can have some information that is useful to them. For making sure that your content quality is maintained, use the 80/20 rule. The maximum content that is 80 percent needs to be informative and only about the rest 20 percent should be used for business or product promotion.

Final Conclusion

Hopeful the above mentioned Top 5 ways to increase twitter followers organically will be helpful for you to grow twitter followers. There is also one more amazing way of being able to increase the number of twitter followers with complete ease and that is famoid. It is a trusted tool that you can easily use for increasing the number of twitter followers. Their delivery system is great and within 12 to 24 hours you will have as many twitter followers as you want.