5 Best Social Media Managment Tools of 2017 for your business

5 Best Social Media Managment Tools of 2017 for your business

As Social Media is now important activity of everyone’s daily lifestyle and is all around us.It doesn’t matter what is your business model social media can help you generate leads in any form and create awarness about your brand which helps you to grow and expand your business so today we are going to discuss about best social media managment tools.

Social Media Marketing

Ignoring a social media marketing for your business can land your business into trouble.

Nowdays people of all ages are active on social media, according to the latest statistics more then 60% of the US population is active on social media, more then 600 million Twitter users, Pinterest alone has more then  200 million users.

Do you still want to know where is your targeted audience ? Confused!!!!

Answer is Social Media

Now i’m going to tell you some unknown facts about  Social Media

  • Facebook :- 1.9 Billion Unique Monthly Users
  • Youtube:- 1.9 Billion Unique Monthly Users
  • Instagram – 600  Million Unique Monthly Users
  • Twitter:- 140 Million Unique Monthly Users
  • Pinterest – 200 Million Unique Monthly Users
  • Linkedin:- 106 Million Unique Monthly Users
  • Reddit :-  85 Million Unique Monthly Users

As a Social Media Manager you need to really work hard to engage with your users to impart them complete knowledge about your brand. Creating and sharing content, increase your followers, sharing pictures on insragram, creating boards & pins on pinterest and many more make you busy in everyday task.

Social Media can help you to

  1. Increase brand awarness
  2. Generate more leads via social media
  3. Build your own social network
  4. Get your brand noticed
  5. Engage users with viral content

Let’s talk about Social Media Managment Tools

5 Best Social Media Managment Tools

  1. Buffer

  Buffer is an easy to manage and complete social media friendly tool which allows you to easily schedule your post on various social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest. Managing the social media with buffer is very easy as you have to schedule your post just one day and then all is managed by buffer.



  • Schedule you post and buffer will automatically publish
  • Track and analyze the performance of your post
  • One simple dashboard to manage all accounts in just one single place.
  1. Tweepi

Tweepi is an awesome tool  to manage your followers ,unfollowers and tweets.If you are perturbed about how to find and engage with users on twitter then Tweepi is made for you my friend, just spend few minutes to easily follow and unfollow the users.All day brands find right people to follow and they are using Tweepi ….. Yes Tweepi  !!!!

  1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is the best popular social media managment tool for brands and people to enact all campiagns from one single dashboard.



  • Do your social media in very less amount of time
  • Evaluate and plan your  ROI
  • Keep an eye on all social media accounts from one single dashboard
  1. Social Oomph

With the help of Social Oomph you can foster your marketing strategy, now you can easily manage all your social accounts on separate tabs which easily lets you schedule your updates, lets you find quality people to follow and engage with them and monitor your social media accounts, tracking your tweets, viewing mentions and retweets.


SocialOomph will auto follow and new followers of yours which save enormous amount of time.

  1. Tweetdeck

Tweetdeck is recently purchased by Twitter and available for Windows and Mac users which lets you manage your tweets with lot of filtering options It’s free and safe to and publishers, brands can easily track and analyze tweets with just one single dashboard.


I hope you get the answers now that your audience is not on present on social media so just don’t wait go and start building your network.

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