5 Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone and Android in 2020

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2019 was all about Instagram and the amazing professional photos that the platform users revealed. We all have had those moments when we wondered what exactly goes into making these photos so pro-like. Doesn’t it make you want to click and post similar pictures on your social media too? 

I was planning on getting a professional camera when a friend told me that it’s the magic of a photo editing app and not just the camera. And that was the best advice given! Since then I played around different apps to get the look and feel I wanted for my pics.

Top 5 Photo Editing Apps of 2020

1. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is the best mobile version of Photoshop’s best photo editing tools. It is fairly easy to use on a small touchscreen despite having such advanced functionalities. You can upload an already taken picture or take a new one with the Photoshop camera and edit the picture from scratch.

Along with the usual editing tools like cropping, brightness, contrast, saturation, red-eye correction, filters, borders, etc., you will be amazed to see its wide collection of smart filters. You get to use more than 80 advanced filters for instantly edited photos that automatically correct issues like colour temperature and exposure. 

Best Suited: All-rounder photography

Availability: iOS and Android | Free

2. Snapseed

Google’s Snapseed is an impressive feature-packed photo editing app with a smart interface. You will find a vast range of preset filters in this free photo editing app. What’s different? – You can edit these filters or create your own from scratch.

If you love to edit the depth of field, Snapseed offers a precision masking allowing you to make the background blurry and focus the foreground as sharply as you want.

However, I love its “Selective Adjust” tool that lets me adjust the saturation, contrast, and brightness of a specifically selected area of the photo. 

Best Suited: Advanced photo editing

Availability: iOS and Android | Free


Do you like classic photo effects? VSCO is an editor with stunning filters that gives you the feel of an analogue film camera. Its soft and subtle filters add a touch of class to your photos unlike other heavily filtered presets. 

Obviously, you will find the regular editing tools like cropping, borders, and vignettes and other adjustments like exposure, contrast, temperature, or skin tones.

Best Suited: Classic-look filters

Availability: iOS and Android | Free

4. Prisma Photo Editor

You may have seen those filters that turn your photos into weird “drawings” or “paintings”. Not very flattering, right? Prisma is an exception.

This free photo editing app has the technology that makes the photos appear like they were painted by artists like Picasso. Isn’t that fun? 

I was sceptical about it first but turned out that I actually loved it. 

Best Suited: Artistic photos 

Availability: iOS and Android | Free

5. Foodie

Don’t we all do that? I am personally guilty of taking pictures of my food more than eating. If you love to capture fun food photos, Foodie will become your best friend in no time. 

The delicious range of filters are set up with food in mind and are bound to take your food photos to a new level. Additionally, it can capture the perfect bird’s eyeshot and also make the colours pop.

Give it a try. You will love it!

Best Suited: Food photography

Availability: iOS and Android | Free

Final Conclusion

With these apps by your side, you can transform your photos to artistic masterpieces. Plus, with so many amazing photo editing apps in the market, it can get overwhelming. 

All the apps that I have shown above are different in their basic functionality. So, to find the right photo editing app for you, you can analyse which app offers you the filters that go well with your personality. Using the right photo editing app can help you get success in this fiercely competitive social media world.