5 Best AI Copywriting Tools to Create Engaging Content (Save Time) Updated

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Best AI Copywriting Tools

Being a copywriter isn’t an easy job, nor is being a marketer on a tight deadline. What about a business owner looking for a way to generate content without hiring a copywriter?  

Is there a way to help all of you using the same technology? Can a copywriter, marketer, and business owner rely on technology to generate worthy content for brand promotion? 


Artificial intelligence is nowadays being used to help copywriters create perfect ads for their target audience. We have listed the 5 best AI copywriting tools in 2021 to help copywriters fine-tune the content and get it right every time.  

List of 5 Best AI Copywriting Tools

1. Anyword 

Anyword’s AI machine has been trained using data from $250 million-worth ad spend by leading brands. The company uses its proprietary models and multi-language models to provide the best results for a copywriter. 


Using Anyword, you can create:-

  • Advertorial copies for Taboola & Outbrain
  • Facebook and Instagram Ad headlines
  • Landing page copy that converts
  • Generate great Ad headlines for Google Ads
  • Catchy Email Subject Lines
  • Pinterest Title and Description
  • Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Verizon Ads
  • Blog title, intro paragraphs and outlines

The content is perfectly optimized for the communication channels and social media sites. The biggest advantage of using Anyword is that it helps in brainstorming and coming up with new ideas to create attractive content. 

The company three price plans to choose from- Starter ($19/month), Pro, and Enterprise.

👉    7- Day Free Trial  

2. Rytr 


Rytr is an artificial intelligence-powered copywriting machine that can generate content in just a few seconds. The best part is that it is going to cost you only a fraction of what it normally would. 

Rytr is used by more than 10,000 copywriters, marketers, and entrepreneurs to create copies of ads, emails, social media posts, product descriptions, blog outlines, and more. 

It is a smart writing assistant that can write and rewrite just about anything you want in the way you want. 

The USP of Rytr is that it can be used on multiple devices. Yes! It is a mobile-friendly platform that lets you to write, edit, and create some fab content even on the go. 

It is super fast and will make sure you have the content ready before the deadline in three simple steps. 

Rytr is available for $29/month. You can opt for a yearly subscription ($290/year) and get two months free. 



Copy.AI provided automated tools to make copywriting easier and more effective. You just have to select the type of copy you want, give details about the company and what you want, and get 10 different results for the same. 

 If none of the results impress you, follow the same steps again. The AI machine will give you more new ideas to work with. 

You can create website posts, blogs, social media copies, ads, and eCommerce copies using this handy tool. 

Whether you want to brainstorm or engage in a play of words to find the best version, Copy.AI is here to assist. 

You can start with the free 7-day trial version and upgrade to solo ($35/month) or a Custom plan (specially customized as per your requirements for large teams). 



Copysmith helps you create countless ideas and copies for ads, emails, product descriptions, and much more with just a few clicks. 

 Copysmith lets you rewrite content, get new ideas for more posts, blogs, ads, and events, and outline blogs plus generate perfect intros for them. 

You can create, organize, edit, and save copies. You can also export the forms in CSV format and share them with your teams. 

The company offers three price plans- Starter ($19/month), Professional ($59/month), and Enterprise ($499/ month). You can save up to 15% if you opt for annual billing. Check out the free trial version first. 

5. Writesonic


Writesonic is another AI-powered copywriting tool that can create innovative and attractive copies of ads, descriptions, emails, blogs, landing pages, and more. 

The company has more than 20 types of copies to offer to help promote your brand in the market. Press releases, product names, growth ideas, etc., can also be generated using this tool. 

The platform can be used by amateurs and experienced people alike. It is simple, easy, and effective. 

Check out the free trial version and then choose from the three price plans- Starter ($29/month), Professional ($99/month), and Business ($499/month). Get a discount by opting for annual billing. 

Final Conclusion 

Whether it is a one-line ad, a single paragraph of the product description, or a full-length article, you need to hit the mark right away. You have to persuade the readers to try the product/ service of the brand you are writing for. Your words need to make a positive impact and increase brand awareness. Make use of AI-powered copywriting tools to masterfully weave words and spellbound your audience.