5 best Adnetworks of 2017 for publishers to make money online with quick approval

(Last Updated On: April 17, 2018)

Are you a publisher and looking to monetize your traffic through an adnetwork? Make Money online is one of the key objective of blogger/publishers these days so today we are going to discuss here best adnetworks of 2017 and how you can make money online by running an ad on your blog.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Plenty of Ad networks are available but to choose the best network is really a fractious task.There are several types of ads available offered by ad networks such as text -ads, Contextual ads, CPM ads, CPC ads, Banner ads, popup ads, native ads but confusion is how to select which is the best that helps you to generate huge revenue.

What is Ad network?

No fixed method is available on the internet to find out which one is the best adnetwork so you have to do a lot of experiments by running different ads although payout is almost same.Remember it’s a game of traffic, more traffic you have more you will earn.

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5 Best Adnetworks of 2017

  1. Propeller Ads

The propeller is a CPM ads network which is really a fantastic way to quickly make money fro bloggers with fast approval. It has various ad models such as CPM, CPC, CPL & CPA


Sign up here.

Once you are approved you can

  • create an ad and place it on your blog
  • Make anywhere between $1 – $4 for 1000 views
  • Minimum payout is $100
  • Payment mode:- Paypal, wire transfer

2. Infolinks

Infolinks is another advertising program which can approve you if you have minimum 500 visitors on daily basis.It provides In-text CPM Ads and is targeted for the relevant keyword according to your content. Infolinks work with best advertisers such as Facebook, Amazon, eBay.



  • Trusted Company
  • Give payment on time (Minimum – $50)

3. Chitika

One of the best alternatives to Adsense is Chitika which is most popular networks among newbie bloggers who don’t know much about advanced networks.

chitika-Best Adnetwork


  • No Minimum traffic requirements
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Provides the best support to both advertisers and publisher.


  • They have a zero tolerance policy which means your account is suspended invalid clicks are received.
  • Only Monetizes search traffic
  • If you are looking to generate high revenue then this adnetwork is not made for you

4. Bidadvertiser

Bidadvertiser is one of the oldest adnetwork in the market which provides a variety of ad formats for publishers and you will be get paid for clicks and conversions(mainly PPC model). Supports format such as banners, rectangles, skyscrapers.


Minimum payout is $10 via Paypal


  • Once the minimum threshold reaches $10 you will be getting paid via Paypal
  • You have an option to choose from the variety of ad format.


  • Not high-quality ads
  • Earnings are very low
  • Overall interface looks shabby

5. AdCash

Adcash is known for providing high-quality ads specially designed to increase revenue from your website.It works on CPC, CPM & CPA model and has a huge inventory.


Pros:- No Minimum traffic requirement for publishers

Some of the content monetization networks that you must try at least once:-
4. Peerfly

Above listed Adnetworks are not might be the best adnetworks but you must try once!

Do you use some other adnetworks as well apart from listed above which is really helping you to increase your revenue then please share in the comments below

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