3veta – The Ultimate destination to unify and amplify your Online Business Management

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Managing all your tasks, such as client booking, video calling, workshop management, and payment accomplishment for your online business, is often daunting. However, these tasks are highly crucial for you, as without them, it is highly difficult to grow your business forward. But getting tangled in these tasks can often shift your focus from many other crucial areas. At this point, don’t you feel you need a helping hand for your business who will take care of all your technical tasks so that you can manage everything seamlessly? 

Well, to address your pain point, 3veta has created its unique set of services. With their all-in-one platform, they manage all your online business-oriented technical tasks so that you can carry forward your services to reach the pinnacle of success. Are you wondering why are we calling them an ideal destination for you? Well, here, have a look!

Bunch of useful services offered by 3veta

They act as an all-in-one platform that has almost everything in it to make your business operations well-optimized and easy. So, here are their heap of services that come in the form of bliss to make your professional journey efficient.  

1.) Seamless Scheduling

One of their noteworthy services is their seamless scheduling. With this scheduling feature, you can optimize your bookings and send automated email reminders to all your business participants. 

You can further sync your calendar with it to make it easier for others to check your availability. Moreover, it lets you schedule your free or paid meetings and events to make your task optimization neat and easy.

2.) Video Calling in the Browser

Video Calls

To stay ahead with your business relationships, the benefit of video calling is imperative. To build seamless connections with your clients, you need a video calling service that can add better value to your presence. 3veta takes care of it. They let you meet up to 100 people at one time with no limitation of time. You can even customize your meeting room by adding your name, logo, etc. In addition, you can easily conduct GDPR and HIPAA-compliant video meetings. 

3.) Easy payment accomplishment


Payment management is a hectic journey that most businesses face. However, when 3veta is with you, eliminate all your worries. They help you to facilitate a very secure and easy payment through Stripe. You can issue all your invoices and refunds. You can further charge your workshops to a single organization for each of your participants. Sounds easy, right?

4.) Get your email list for your client

Email List

It takes a lot of effort to keep track of all your clients and manage them under one ecosystem. However, don’t worry. 3veta lets you build an email list for all your clients. You can keep it entirely private with all your client-specific notes. You can further manage all your meetings and transactions quite securely.

5.) Create a stellar website presence 

In this digital era, any business is simply incomplete without a web presence. Before approaching a business, customers first take a look at their website to decide whether they are credible.  

Website Builder

To ensure that credibility, 3veta can help you. It lets you create a stellar and professional website within 5 minutes. You can add a very responsive booking page to it, or you can further put some more substances to make the website look compact and complete. With plenty of beautiful templates and 10000 images, you can dive into the beauty of website creation. 

What are some of the unique facts about working with 3veta? 

Not only their large suite of features and services makes the company reliable enough, but there are some unique facts about their services that make them stay unparalleled to their competitors. Here are some specialties that they offer. 

  • It lets you create a seamless platform with your name on it. It is a great approach to let you flaunt your business name that further benefits in creating awareness. 
  • It offers seamless security for all your payments. 
  • You can add personalization to all your booking pages that suit your business objectives better.
  • Get complete customer insights for better decision-making.
  • There is simply no need to have advanced technical skills to start with 3veta. It is very easy to understand and use. Moreover, their 24×7 customer services are always there to guide you. 
  • It even comes in the form of a mobile app that you can use to render flexibility and mobility to your business. 
  • There is no need to install any separate video tools. It comes with integrated videos that are customizable. Just install it, and you are good to go! 

A service solution that fits a huge range of industries

3veta’s service solution is scalable enough for a large number of industries. Their range of services caters to the industries like: 

  • Health and Wellness  
  • Consulting 
  • Coaching 
  • Workshop & Events 
  • Sales  
  • Tutoring  
  • Freelance 

Final Conclusion

We know how important it is to get a seamless platform to manage all your business-related tasks to make your user experience great. 3veta is made for such purposes, which are worth giving a try if you want to stay ahead of your competitors. So, are you still finding the best solution to make your task management easy? Then install 3veta without any further delay!