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Top 3 Best DRM Converters for MAC

Hi TechPCVipers Readers, My name is Scott & I’m a tech enthusiast who loves to explore tech related things. Yesterday I was trying to copy my playlist from my MAC to my Android mobile but I faced the DRM issue, so I thought of researching about this issue to find a solution. When I researched, I found many solutions but all those lacked some features. So I did deep research to find the best among all the solutions. In this blog post, I’ve covered the top 3 best DRM converters for MAC which you can blindly trust to get your iTunes songs converted into DRM free files.

Let’s get into the blog, my friends!

If you are Mac user, you are always forced to use music only from official iTunes software and transfer music files or any type of media files between Mac and iDevices. All the music and audio files by Apple iTunes are DRM protected restricting them to use on other devices except for Apple devices. FairPlay DRM protection is a copy protection scheme used by Apple to prevent Apple device users from making a copy of iTunes files and music including audio files which will be downloaded from Apple Music and iTunes store.

It is obvious that you get irritated when a company doesn’t allow you to use legally purchased files and media products on other devices and in other formats according to your needs. In such case, you look for iTunes music converter that also removes DRM protection on the files of iTunes. We can make use of DRM removal tool and converter for Mac that acts as both DRM protection removal tool and Convert M4P to MP3 and other music formats. In this article, we will discuss three best DRM converters for Mac.

  1. DVDFab DRM Removal for Apple

DVD Fab Mac DRM Removal Converter

DVDFab Mac DRM Removal and Converter is yet another best iTunes DRM removal software for Mac that can remove the DRM protection from iTunes media files, in both easy and quick manner. It supports all the Media files supported by Apple iTunes software such as videos, movies, Music files, audio, audiobooks, TV shows, and songs from Apple music. This DRM removing software enables users to remove DRM protection from the media files and also convert these media files into required formats such as MP4 video files and M4A, MP3 audio files which help users to play them on non-Apple devices with few steps.

DVDFab Mac DRM Removal for Apple is speedy and this DRM removal software can remove DRM protection and convert those iTunes files at very fast speed. It also supports batch conversion, which allows the user to convert a bundle of video files or audio files at the same time. DRM removal is permanent and the resulting media files will have premium quality and lossless audio. After the removal process is complete, this software will add DRM-free media files to other modules of DVDFab such as Converter which enables users to convert the iTunes media to any other format and burn them to DVDs or use them on other devices.

OS:- MacOS 10.11 – 10.12

       2. AppleMacSoft DRM Converter for Mac

Apple Macsoft DRM Converter

AppleMacSoft Music Converter which also acts as a DRM converter helps Mac users to get off iTunes DRM protection and helps them to convert the available iTunes media content. It can convert both DRM protected music and unprotected music to various audio formats such as MP3, M4R, M4A, AAC etc. This iTunes music converter helps users to play all these music on non-Apple devices such as PCs, Mobiles, Car, MP3 player and Android devices which are the most common devices in the world. AppleMacSoft music converter only converts music and audio files of iTunes. To convert video files, one has to choose DRM Video Converter for Mac.

Let’s see why you should choose this DRM converter when there is already so many similar products available in the market:

  • AppleMacSoft’s DRM Converter user interface is very much friendly comparing to other tools.
  • You can remove the DRM in just three simple easy clicks.
  • All type of audio formats are converted using this tool.
  • The software support is good comparing to other products.

Key Features of AppleMacSoft Music Converter and DRM Converter

Let’s see the key features that makes this software the best DRM Converters for MAC:

1). Easy To Use: Even though there are so many advanced features available in the software, all the major things are still easy to use. Any non-tech user can easily use this software to remove DRM from the songs.

2). Best Audio Quality: I’ve used other DRM removal tools where once after converting the audio, one can find the quality  getting affected. But I have never seen any such quality problems in this tool.

3). Removes DRM & Converts into any Audio Format Easily: Normally the Songs that are purchased from Apple Music or iTunes are normally in an M4P format which can’t be played on other devices without converting. We need to convert these music files into other formats such as MP3 using software that converts M4P to MP3. But, Only MP3 is not sufficient as there are many other formats available in the market. Also, all the music files and audio files from iTunes or Apple Music are DRM protected and so files can’t be converted to other formats, without removing the DRM protection on the files. AppleMacSoft Music Converters solves all these issues, which enables you to remove DRM protection legally from iTunes and convert those music files into various formats such as MP3, M4A, AC3, AAC, AIFF or MKA. DRM Converter for Mac is an ideal software for Mac users which also acts as iTunes Music converter helps users to enjoy their music on any device of their choice.

4). You can Convert AudioBooks Too: This Apple MacSoft Music converter cum DRM converter for Mac also helps users to convert different audiobook formats and iTunes audiobooks in MP3 format. It works with all kinds of Audiobook formats and files. It supports converting DRM protected iTunes M4B and Audible AAB, AA format audio books to unprotected MP3 which helps users to play these book on any device such as Android Smartphones, Tablets, PCs, PS4, Car Players and other MP3 players which supports MP3 file format.

5). Thinking of Extracting Audio from iTunes Video? Yes, you can do this easily using this tool. You can convert iTunes movies, music videos and TV shows available on iTunes to various popular audio formats with excellent quality. It also enables users to rip the audio track from any video available on iTunes player, irrespective of whether the video file is DRM protected video file format (M4V) or non-protected normal video files. Users can save the audio tracks in any format such as MP3, M4R, AAC, AU, FLAC, AIFF, M4A, MKA etc.

6). Convert into any type of Audio Formats: Along with the removal of DRM protection of Apple Music files and conversion of those protected music files, this AppleMacSoft Music converter also supports many music formats conversion such as AC3, MKA, M4A, MP4, AU and Apple Lossless etc. It supports conversion of these formats into Apple Music or iTunes supporting factors such as M4P. Thus acting as an M4P converter.

  1. TunesKit M4V Converter for Mac

TunesKit M4V converter for Mac is one of the kind DRM removal software which is easy to use and removes DRM protection along with converting iTunes video to non-DRM video formats such as MP4, MOV, M4V, MPG, AVI and FLV.

TunesKit M4V Converter for Mac

There are also special optimized features which allow users to convert iTunes media files to devices like Apple TV, iPhone and Samsung Galaxy etc. It provides with lossless audio and premium video quality when video format is chosen as MP4 or M4V. It supports both iTunes purchases and rentals, but the only drawback is that it cannot deal with DRM protection on audio books.

Final Conclusion

When choosing DRM converter, it is important to note that, it should support all the formats that are most commonly used. Hence, based on the above suggestions it is up to you to choose best DRM converter that suits your requirements in the best possible manner.

Let us know in comments out of top 3 which is your favourite DRM Converter.

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