1Gbits Review: This hosting service reformed my business

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Little while back, I was planning to deploy dedicated servers for my business’ web hosting requirements. But none of them caught my attention for being the go-to solution for what I was searching. Until I discovered 1Gbits that entirely revamped the way I understood web hosting services in general. After using this hosting service extensively, I decided to share my experience with you people. So that you can make the perfect decision while deploying yours.

Outside, hosting services seem daunting tasks with fancy technical terms and dozens hosting plans to choose from. Should I opt shared hosting provider? Or should I choose website builders? Or simply an effective landing page? How much bandwidth and processing do I need? And ultimately, how much should I pay for my website? All these questions also jarred my head while I was preparing for my website.

Why 1Gbits?

If you’re coming straight from WordPress, 1Gbits is definitely the best web hosting provider for consideration. While the managed WordPress hosting is little pricey, both WordPress & WooCommerce hosting are available coupled with management support. And the site migration service really helped with migrating my entire site’s database, although this requires additional expenses.

The web hosting provider offers bonus points for performing daily backups, even for the cheapest hosting plan. Just to keep in mind, promotional prices may eventually increase after the promotional period is over. With that said, 1Gbits offers 24×7 telephone support, live chats, and Skype calls for critical technical support.

Highlighted Features

  1. Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers are installed in 20+ industry-leading, secured data centers, and distributed in 15+ nations. 1Gbits’ highly reliable network infrastructure covers geolocations from the US to Europe to Asia and harnesses with the fastest & low-latency connections, especially for congested capacity.

2. VMware Ready

Nowadays, Virtual Machines are considered the most essential deployments. Opting the perfect combination of hardware and software requires specialized expertise. But you don’t need any master-degree in computer science as 1Gbits has enabled using pre-configured, dedicated servers for your virtualization needs.

3. VPS Hosting

By deploying 1Gbits VPS solutions, you’ll get dedicated resources to manage your daily process. 1Gbit VPS Servers are installed on the most potent and bleeding-edge resources with VMware ESXi hypervisor for delivering quality resources on both Windows and Linux running hardware.

Which Plan To Choose?

And the simple answer is, “It depends on your needs.” Discussing each 1Gbits plan will take forever. So, I suggest you visit their website and check out the incredible packages starting from just $15/month. For seamless decision, 1Gbits has categorized its web hosting plans into three major segments with customization options for each segment.

Dedicated Servers

  • 20+ industry-leading data centers across 15+ countries
  • High-speed and stable internet connection
  • Capability with most recent OS types
  • 24×7 live support via telephone and Skype

VPS Hosting

  • Based on VMware hypervisor
  • Compatibility with Windows Server OS and Linux
  • Network bandwidth priority
  • Administrator/Root access for multiple admins

RDP Service

  • Servers across the US, Canada, Germany, UK, France, and Romania
  • 99.9% uptime with reliable hardware and 24×7 expertise support
  • Support for Windows Client and Windows Server
  • Windows VPS with dedicated resources for consistent performance

For my business, I went with the rather expensive Dedicated Servers. And I’m absolutely satisfied with my decision. My customers never complained about congested networks, or slow connection speeds, or unstable network links.

Wrapping Up

Now it’s your time to step-up and choose 1Gbits. Thanks to their dedicated resources, my business never experienced any technical halt. And yours won’t once you choose 1Gbits web hosting services for supporting the backbone of your business. It’s affordable, reliable, snappy, and overall robustly secure.