13 Interesting Instagram Statistics Every Marketer Should Know

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Instagram Statistics

In the world full of competition every marketer needs to know the tactics to run in the race with speed, they need to know all those statistics and ideas that are going to increase the market value and demand of the product they are producing. Social media provides you with a mind-blowing increase in demand for your product. When we talk about social media we can’t neglect the most important platform, Instagram, that provides a marketer with costumer rich platform so that a marketer can reach his target audience in no time but this needs a concerted effort and a peaked level of creativity and advancement. It is important to formulate a strategy before coming to the race for which you need to know the most important statistics to succeed.

Here are 13 most important statistic that everyone should know:-

  1. Instagram’s rate of evolution

Instagram is emerging as the most important social media network in marketing. In no more than 6 years it has boasted more than 1 billion monthly active users with more than 500 million active users per day. Its growth rate is phenomenal with doubling its user numbers over the last 2 years.Greater number of users make it a more customer rich platform.

2. Number of business profiles on Instagram

The fact that most instagram users are teenagers and young adults has attracted many brands and business companies to it. Instagram has more than 25 million business profiles. Nine out of every 10 top brands have an instagram account.More than 200 million of instagram users visit at least one business profile daily.

3.Instagram Advertisements

By looking at instagram marketing statistics on advertising revenues we will come to know that that instagram’s potential advertising reach is 849.3 million users .This number not only proves the power of this platform but it tells us about the great reputation this platform is gaining day by day among marketers and uses both.There are more than 2 million monthly advertisers monthly on instagram.These figures show the commercial power of this social platform. Every marketer should take these numbers into account and behave accordingly.

4. Purchasing rate

More than 1/3rd of Instagram users made a purchase. This data can prove to be handy. Online buying through Instagram proved to be a fantastic idea by an in-app payment option. Instagram proves to be a powerhouse, marketer just needs to know the tactics to leverage it.60% of all Instagram users discover new products through Instagram. So by promoting a product at this huge social media platform, a marketer can get a flood of purchasers.This is more in numbers as compared to the other social media platforms such as facebook 

5. High financial range

By research it’s been found that most of the instagram users are making 1 lac dollars. 60% of this financial range is using instagram .This shows that your product can get high attention because people on instagram have money to buy things.75% of the instagram users get engaged with the company after seeing the post. More is the engagement level more will be the flood of buyers.Every cent paid for the promotion of marketer’s product is a wise investment and can give them a flood of buyers. It provides you the platform to connect with demographics with high income and that proves to be a huge asset.

6. Average engagement rate

Average engagement rate among  most popular influencers is 2.2%. It is 10 times greater as compared to facebook.This takes high performing text content and video content into consideration and its a powerful reminder that investing money for ads on instagram is very essential.

7. Content Statistics

Brands post 1.5 times per day. The posting frequency is higher than many brands  but this mixture of story content and organic content will help you to maintain yours.You need to be on instagram because your followers are actively looking for you there .Brands post on average 27.9x per month. Sometimes skipping the days that yield lowest engagement level.They post mostly in evening and night time and on weekends because people use instagram more at these times giving us high amount of buyers.User generated content should be an essential part of marketing plan because other users trust them that gives high conversion rate.

8. Quality of images on instagram

Certain types of images get more likes. Images with a single dominant color hue and containing textures attract people more as compared to images with no texture.Low saturated images get 18% more likes.Videos get more engagement level as compared to images. Posts with more hashtags and locations are more attractive.

9. Instagram stories:

One third of most viewed stories on instagram come from business profiles. Stories really start out as an add on feature .1/3rd of instagram stories are from business accounts  These stories are attracting big advertising budgets.400 million users watch stories on a daily basis. So if a marketer wants to leave behind competitors he must use this tactic.

10. Best time to post on Instagram

This is complicated yet important.It depends purely on business,time zone and audience.Best time to post is 2-3 pm CDT on weekdays. But you can test out peak posting time and see what works for you. 

11. Statistics about brand and consumer

80% of users at least follow one brand on insta. Enormous chunk of these users follow many more brands too.Users see instagram as best way to keep up with what you are doing.60% of them learn about new products while scrolling through this social media platform.So this can actually result in direct sales over time.About 66% of visits come from those users who are not even following the account 

12. Things to get more likes

Posting content with face photos guarantees a higher number of likes and will help you to improve business potential of a marketer.Marketer needs to promote face and pair it with other statistics and smartly distributed hashtags and stories to get more customers.

13. Public interaction

68% of people come on instagram to interact with creators. So respond to them by commenting and heart reacting to get more attention and love by the public to make your marketing product popular. 

 Final Verdict

Instagram marketing statistics demonstrate many preferences of users on this site.The certain thing is that they all like posting quality content. Instagram is more likely to grow in the coming era so it’s a great chance for business ventures and users to yield marketing benefits from this social platform.